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Why would the head lights of your car remain on after the ignition is switched off?


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2004-07-18 11:08:09
2004-07-18 11:08:09

Hey Humayun==It would help if you stated what kind of car you have. If you have automatic headlights there is a module under the dash that controls them and it is bad. On some cars, the lights stay on until the door is opened. GoodluckJoe


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Check the brake switch located on your brake pedal shaft. May have to be replaced.

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With most vehicles you can turn on the parking lights or the headlights and the dash illumination lights light up without turning on the ignition switch.

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I would think ALL of them ! The power light is an indicator for the user that mains is present and the unit is switched on !

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That led is only showing that there is power to the switch and/or the light and fan fixture. You would have to check the power at the fixture to determine if it is actually in the switched feed or the fan/light assembly.

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if you leave the parking lights switch "ON" the lights will remain on, even if the car has been turned off.

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