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Hey Humayun==It would help if you stated what kind of car you have. If you have automatic headlights there is a module under the dash that controls them and it is bad. On some cars, the lights stay on until the door is opened. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2004-07-18 11:08:09
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Q: Why would the head lights of your car remain on after the ignition is switched off?
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On a 1991 Chevrolet what would cause brake lights to remain on when car is switched off?

Check the brake switch located on your brake pedal shaft. May have to be replaced.

Would the ignition switch control the dash lights?

With most vehicles you can turn on the parking lights or the headlights and the dash illumination lights light up without turning on the ignition switch.

Which routers have power lights?

I would think ALL of them ! The power light is an indicator for the user that mains is present and the unit is switched on !

What would cause a ceiling fan's lights and fan to stop working while the small LED on the wall switch still lights when it is switched on?

That led is only showing that there is power to the switch and/or the light and fan fixture. You would have to check the power at the fixture to determine if it is actually in the switched feed or the fan/light assembly.

Why would 2001 Pontiac Gran Prix SE ignition switch cause intermittent electrical problems with AC fan and lights?

ignition switch or key and tumbler.

Why would the parking lights stay on after the car is put into park and the engine is turned off?

if you leave the parking lights switch "ON" the lights will remain on, even if the car has been turned off.

What can cause a 1997 Honda Civic Sedan to have no spark and no fuel?

One thing that could cause this would be a faulty ignition switch, specially if you do not have ignition (cluster) lights. Just a thought...

Wiring off road lights?

I would wire them using a common relay and a ground switched circuit i.e. Terminal #30 Hot Terminal #87 Load Terminal #85 Hot Terminal #86 Switched to Ground

Is it ok to run a fused by-pass 12v supply to the fuel pump to start the engine?

i would not recommend it. that will have your fuel pump at a constant run when the ignition is switched on.

Why would cavalier dash lights come on then care goes dead and won't crank?

I would first consider that the car stalled BEFORE the lights came on. You might have a bad ignition switch or loose connection at the battery.

What would cause the panel lights to stay when you take the key out off the ignition?

move the dimmer back and forth and turn the parking lights on and off. sometimes the switch gets wierd.

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Soft iron looses it's charge when current is switched off. Hard iron would remain magnetized.

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1. You may not want all lights on, so with a parallel circuit you can turn some off while the others remain lit (you cannot do this with series) 2. If one of the lights go out, the others will remain lit

Why does my taillight to my car stay on when the car is switched off?

Sounds to me it is your brake lights that are stuck on. If that is the case, I would suspect a faulty or out of adjustment brake light switch.

Why would car need ignition coils?

The ignition coil is the transformer that puts out the voltage required to make a spark jump the points of a spark plug. this in turn lights the petrol which pushed down the piston.

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Yes you would use a serial circuit You would use parallel circuit lights for a Christmas tree because if you used series circuit lights, and one of the bulb blows, the rest of the bulbs will go out. But with parallel circuit lights, if one bulb blows the rest of the bulbs will remain their brightness.

What is a circuit that allows one light bulb to remain lit while another connected bulb stays off is called?

The question is ambiguous, however one possibility is a parallel circuit, which would permit one light bulb to remain lit while the other light bulb was switched off. By contrast, if the light bulbs were connected in a series circuit, switching one light bulb off would cause both lights to go off.

Why would the car stereo light remain on after the car is turned off?

check the wiring connections as it sounds to me that the illumination wire is getting a constant 12v feed, also check that the ignition wire is switching off with the ignition

How to tell if a light is a hallide street light?

I would contact someone who works for the city. they will have a record of what types of lights they use. the halide lights are supposed to be less expensive to use so my guess is in this economy your city has switched to save money

Why would a 1995 Monte Carlo not make a sound when turning the ignition although it has lights radio etc?

If auto, it can be the neutras switch and if standard, it can be the clutch switch. Otherwise, take it to a garage as it can be the starter, solonoid, ignition switch or ????

Would a bad ignition relay cause your 1990 ford f150 to die while driving and not start again no power to the radio idiot lights in the dash or power windows either?

it may not be you ignition relay, but your alternator.

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Why would the brake lights on a 99 S-10 stay on constantly even with the ignition off?

a bad or mis-adjusted brake switch.gmjim

What would cause your car to start just fine and then just shut off and i have no panel or gauge lights?

Sounds like a bad ignition switch.

What capacity of battery required for 40 watts?

If that's a continuous load of 40 watts, you need quite a large battery, depending on how long the demand is. Car batteries supply more than 40 watts when running the cars lights when the car's ignition is switched off, so I guess something like a motorcycle battery would suffice.