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Why would the headlight on the driver's side flash when the ignition is turned on on a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?


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Hmmm... that's a darned good question! I'm guessing that you mean this happens when the car is started, as opposed to turning the key to "on" without starting it? Does it happen every time? I can't remember if the '99 still has daytime running lights or not, but if so, do they work properly? Do the headlights work properly IE; high and low beams all work? Maybe with a little more info, we can be of more help. FriPilot There are a couple [guessingly] related issues. Firstly, when I start the car, put it in gear (usually reverse), and then take off the e-brake, my driver side headlight blinks (preety sure it's the high beam). It clicks on and off repeatedly for about 4 seconds, and then stops (doesn't do it if I turn the headlights on right away). Also, after the car has been started, my DRL dash light blinks, and that happens 24/7, unless the headlights are on. I have tried replacing the DRL relay, as well as the bulbs. (2 consecutive bulbs burned out in the driver side lamp, not sure if I had all the blinking problems happened before that). Phil. =Hmm...= That's still pretty strange, Phil. About the blinking headlight, does it do that when you shift from park to reverse regardless of whether or not the parking brake is set or released? Or does it only blink when you go through the combination of shifting to reverse AND releasing the brake? I ask this because it might help to localize the problem. Either or both of those two actions cause indicator lights to operate, right? The gear selector light or indicator changes from Park to Reverse, and I imagine there is a light telling you that the parking brake is on. I'm beginning to wonder if one or both of those lights are shorted or connected somehow to the headlight circuit. That might also explain why the DRL bulbs keep blowing. FriPilot ==More additional info== It does it when the brake is off and it's put into gear. I can skip the brake, put it into gear, and then take off the brake and it'll trip the light. or I can release the brake, and then put it in reverse, and then the light'll go. I've looked over the wiring diagram, and I don't think the circuit crosses with the brake at all. ....?