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Why would the headlights dash lights and the security light come on in a Saturn L200 when the car has been on for an hour or more?


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Most likely cause is a faulty "driver" in the Body Control Module Very common problem for these cars Must be changed and programmed by the dealer About 400 Canadian if out of warranty


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on my 1996 Saturn it was a blown fuse under my hood my headlights worked, but the lcd light or my back lights on my car didnt work.

I do not have an answer, but I do have the same problem as you do. I have a 2001 L200, and from the moment you start the engine, every few seconds, the security light will flash and the temperature and gas gauge needles will act as if you turned off the car, and then pop back up where they should be. When the headlights are on, the dash lights will flash along with the security light and the gauges. The headlights and radio are not affected, though. In addition to that, the odometer has also stopped working. It has read the same milage since I noticed some time ago. I will let you know if I find out anything.

In that case, you probably don't have tail lights or clearance lights either.Check the fuses. If that's not it, you may have a faulty light switch.

Examples are lightbulbs,neon lights, traffic lights,headlights, concert lights.

You must have two headlights, all other lights are in fact not headlights and just additional light aids.

my headlights work but my taillights and dash light dont work whats wrong

Well, the daytime running lights are on whenever the car is running and in gear. They're off when you have the headlights on. So, your service light Doesn't come on when the headlights are on?? If you switch the headlights between on and off (with the car running and in gear) does the service light follow?

There are 3 different things that can cause the security lights to flash constantly on a 2002 Saturn Vue. These things are a bad passlock sensor in the ignition housing, a bad BCM, or a bad PCM.

Well if you mean the interior lights they automatically switch off when you lock the car doors, if you mean your headlights the dial which turns the headlights on and to park also pulls out and pushes in so you may have it out??

Those aren't headlights, they're considered running lights or parking lights. I believe that mercury calls this a Light Bar.

To bypass the security pull the fuse. For the other issues there may be a problem with the computer in the car.

The parking lights are turned on when the headlights are on and you pull out on the light switch. The parking lights cannot be turned on by themselves.

pull the light switch outward with clearance light or headlights on!

On VWs trunk light may need to have headlights on to operate.

Brake lights should NOT be effected by the headlights. Brake light function is completely independent of the headlights. Assuming you are not refering to the tail lights, or marker lights, which are supposed to come when the head lights are turned on. Not having brake lights when the head lights are on is a big safety problem and should be corrected.

Turn your headlights on. Walk to the back of the vehicle and look for any lights that are out. If the lights are all on. Have someone press the break pedal and look at the light again. If any lights are out replace them.

It means that your fog lights are on - which should only happen when your headlights or at least parking lights are on.

Turn the light nob to the left and a orange light should come on under the lights nob.

no. however your indicator lights are located in your dashboard. dashboard light will light up when you turn your headlights on. Ex. the lights that are illuminated behind your miles per hour needle or behind your fuel gauge. Your indicator light are a lights that come on when your first turn the ignition. these lights indicate when your oil needs to be changed or your fuel is low or your washer fluid is low or the blue light that is illuminated when your headlights are on bright or high beam etc.....most newer model cars are equipped with the indicator lights. hope this is helpful.

The brake lights and the tail lights are separate circuits. Check the brake light fuse, then check the brake light bulbs, then check the brake light switch.

security lights use resistors as the light out side falls the security light turns on and as it gets lighterbout side the light dimms and turns off, in bmw's the resistors are used to detect when the lights should come on as light gets brighter the car lights turn off.

Perhaps you turned on the interior lights when you were adjusting the headlights?

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