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Why would the heater on your 1988 mercury topaz not give you warm air unless it has been running for 30 minutes?

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First and foremost, check your coolant levels. If you have insufficient coolant, you'll get heat but only after a long time. It could be a heater core problem, or a plugged line but low coolant is a common cause. First and foremost, check your coolant levels. If you have insufficient coolant, you may still get heat but only after a long time. It could be a heater core problem, or a plugged line but low coolant is a common cause. There should be a coolant reservoir under the hood, it will have some markings on it indicating hot and cold coolant levels. If that is empty that is a good indicator that you may have low coolant.

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Answerif it is as warm as a usuall heater you most likely have a clogged heater core or are not runnig a thermostat in your vehicle if it is the later of the two i suggest getting a thermostat it does more than just what people think AnswerCheck the coolant level. Low level could cause an air bubble to develop at the heater core.This bubble will not work through the system unless the air is bled out. agree with the coolant level.Answer1. Check coolant level.2. Thermostat stuck open.3. Very cold temperatures, consider blocking radiator with some cardboard.

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