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Why would the ignition coil on a Ninja x7 pocket bike 2-stroke keep burning out?


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2006-03-26 14:51:24
2006-03-26 14:51:24

The coil on a X6 was burnt out and I ordered one that specified 53mm bolt spacing (XG is stamped on the coil), and it cranked and ran for about 2 minutes and when I cut it off it will not crank completely. It only sputters a little. I compared the intensity of the spark with another pocket bike that has a bolt spacing of 62mm and the 53mm coil does not have the same intensity of blue spark. I tried moving the coil around and it does make a difference but still will not crank completely. In fact the armature scrapped the bottom of the coil which may have damaged the coil. I assume there is an electronic circuit inside the coil and that may be the problem. I tried changing the carb, but the problem appears to be the coil.


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