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Hey. Curious do you have an autostarter installed? If you do does it work? Also check your fuses they should be installed on the 12volt power feeds to the starter brain box somewhere under the dash!!!

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โˆ™ 2007-12-02 16:03:57
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Q: Why would the ignition not turn off even though the key is out in order to turn it off you have be in first gear but the interior lights stay on?
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If a 1998 Pontiac Transport 3400 starts but stalls out what should you check?

There's a solinoid in the transmission.Suggest to check that first. Turn on interior lights. Start engine. If the lights go out when the engine stalls, you have a bad ignition switch.

If the interior and parking lights on my 99 Nissan pathfinder are not working which fuse do you check?

If the interior and parking lights are not working on a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder, the first fuses to check would be the interior light fuse. Also check to make sure the light switch is in the right position to allow the interior lights to come on.

Why do indicators work but hazard lights don't on 518 BMW?

The hazard lights are a seprate circuit even though they share the same bulbs. I would first replace the hazard flasher; it simply plugs in. Usually the hazard flasher is located in the interior fuse panel. I hope this helps you. Mark

Your interior lights will not turn off How do you get them to turn off?

If the interior lights in a vehicle will not go off, first one should make sure all doors are closed. Then one should find the switch on the roof of the vehicle and make sure it is not turned to the on position.

In your 98 jeep grand Cherokee interior lights stay on and drain battery when ignition key is turned off?

my 95 jeep cherokee does this aswell, i heard that it is from a door switch not contacting or the BCM can be out, im going to try and replace the door switches first hope this helps!

What does the lights mean when ya ignition is first turned on before the miles appear mean in a peugeot?

hi i think that is your oil level

Is there any possible way to leave a door open while a Land Rover Discovery is on and have the interior lights off?

If its a series 2 (roughly 1998 - 2004) the interior lights shut themselves off after about a minute. If the engine is running and you shut the door and reopen it the lights will come back on. If the engine is off the lights will not come on when you reopen the door - you'll have to turn the key on first * On the 96 Disco you can turn off the interior light by moving the headliner lamp switch (3 position)to the off position.

What would cause the interior gauge lights and informantion panel lights as well as the compass lights to go off when the headlights are turned on in a 97 Explorer?

First thing you want to check is the dimmer switch to see if it is turned all the way down.

Why do the headlights come on on your 2000 Dodge Caravan when door is opened?

This is a standard feature on many modern vehicles now. The lights come on to aid you in getting safely from your vehicle to your door (aasuming they are pointing in the right direction). The lights should not be full strength and should turn off automatically in less than two minutes. Usually, if you wantthat door to door light, turn off the ignition first, before turning off the lights. If you don't want the light, turn off the lights first, then the ignition.

Why would cavalier dash lights come on then care goes dead and won't crank?

I would first consider that the car stalled BEFORE the lights came on. You might have a bad ignition switch or loose connection at the battery.

But your security light in not blinking it only shows for a few seconds when turning the ignition on?

When you first turn on the ignition the indicator lights should briefly illuminate to demonstrate that they are working. If the light stays on after the test cycle, it is an indication that something is wrong.

Why wont my parking lights or my brake lights in my 95 Impreza go off even with the key out and the switches turned to off?

It could be a combination of two simple problems. First, check that your parking light switch on the top of your steering column is OFF, as this will keep the lights on even if the ignition switch is off. I believe this switch is necessary because your lights turn off automatically when you turn of the engine (ignition switch) Aslo, you must check your (combination tail light and brake light) rear bulbs as this could cause the break and tail lights to remain on when the car is started (ignition is on). GOOD LUCK !

Where is the ignition key hole for the 2013 Altima?

First, stick the entire key into it to the ignition and start the engine. When you stick it in, there will be two lights that will either flash or stay solid around it. This will help you to find the second key hole in the 2013 Altima.

What can you do if a 99 Chevy Malibu lights come on when the door is closed and the engine is off killing battery?

First verify that you do not have the interior lights switched on using the panel (instrument illumination) dimmer switch. Verify that door switches are working normally and doors are closed. Then, if all of that is well and you do not have any damaged wiring, replace the BCM. Also, you could pull the fuse out, but then you wouldn't have any interior lights. Ditto if you pull the bulb out.

Who were the first Ukrainian settlers in the interior plains?

the first ukrainian settlers in the interior plains were NOBODY!

Why are my interior lights stuck on dim can adjust lite switch to turn on but they are stuck on dim all the time is there a short its my 87 Corvette?

First guess would be a bad switch.

How to replace tail lights on a Lexus rx 330?

First remove the felt covered piece on the interior of the tailgate. After that, removed the large plastic piece in order to get inside to the bulb.

How do you turn off interior lights dome and floor in 1993 ford tempo 4 door?

First shut all the doors then use your light switch to turn off or on dome lights if that doesn't work it could be a bad door pin switch

Does Fiat punto have park lights?

Yes it has, I own punto mk2 and first i thought there was something wrong with the wiring but then i discovered that if you hold down the small button on the ignition switch at the same time you can rotate the key one more step counterclockwise and the lights come on.. then you can pull off the key with the park lights remaining on.

In a nonelectronic small engine ignition system which of the ignition components is energized by the power source first?

In a nonelectronic small engine ignition system, which of the following ignition components is energized by the power source first?

Why don't interior lights go on when I open car doors in 2005 Chrysler T and C?

Check the position of the manual switch on the main light first, it may be in the OFF position

What did ishmael find when he opened the second interior door?

The first interior window.

You cannot seem so get any power from the battery to the truck its a 1998 suburban when you tried to start it nothing lights up no door locks no radio no ignition no lights ect totally dead?

First check for a corroded or damaged battery terminal. Next check the battery.

How do you change the plastic rod that connects the ignition key cylinder to the ignition switch?

first you pull the plastic rod then turn on the ignition

Where is the ignition module on a Chevy Caprice ls?

Its right above the ignition coil. Infact you have to remove it first to remove the ignition coil.