Why would the ignition starter fuse in a 2002 grand am blow when you start the car?

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what size fuse is it it would need to be a 30 amp fuse for the starter solenoid after that your starter solenoid could be shorting if you take the wire that comes from the key off the starter (normally the small wire on its own going onto the solenoid on top of the starter)then turn the key same as if you were starting the engine if the fuse doesn't blow then you need a new solenoid for the starter or a new starter if the price is right
if the fuse does blow with the wire off the solenoid then you have a short in the wiring loom check the loom for break or cracks there is a good chance the wire is after wearing against the engine somewhere if this is the case tape it over and tie it back from the engine
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Why would a 1990 Chevy 2500 blow the ignition ECM fuse?

Answer . \nNot sure why blowing but if you can look in owners manual or chiltons to see what else is on the same circuit for example fuse #2 may have fuel pump and cigar lighter on the same circuit and if something metal falls into cigar lighter it will blow the fuse each time a new fuse is put i ( Full Answer )

Why would your car not start if it has a fully charged battery and a new starter but nothing happens when you turn the ignition?

Maybe this thread could help you out: Why would a car with a fully charged battery have dim lights and be unable to start Answer Another possibility to add to the last post which was very good,(disregard if all electrical circuit tests check out correctly) a possible bad neutral sefety switch ( Full Answer )

Why would there be a pause after you turn the ignition before the car starts?

%DETAILS%. Answer . Just because the starter has been replaced, it still shouldn't be ruled out. I have had several occasions that a remanufactured starter failed. \n. \n. \n. \nTypically Autozone or Advance auto parts stores carry these POS. Having said that, I would be looking for a bad ( Full Answer )

Why does your 2002 Silverado on occasion will not start but has power to the starter and ignition relays by the feel of a click there?

I have the same problem on a 2002 GMC 3/4 ton 4x4, 6 litre engine. I have taken it back to the dealer numerous times. No faults is what I'm told each time. Finally the warrenty run out and still the same priblem. I turm the key sometimes 200 times before it starts??? Engine does not turn over. Realy ( Full Answer )

Is there a relay between the ignition and starter in 1991 Ford Taurus your car would sometimes crank and start and other times it won't crank up Today it's dead you don't think it's the starter?

although i am not sure if there is a relay or not, my friend had a 95 Taurus and he hit a hard bump and the car would not start after that... i looked at it and it looks like ford used a spade terminal on the starter solenoid wire. it can come off very easily, and is probably dirty and oily.it is ve ( Full Answer )

Why would the fuse that goes to the ignition and starter contiue to blow out after changing it?

You're going to need to do more research. Get a wiring diagram of the vehicle and find out what else is on the circuit. You may need to remove individual components from the line and re-connect them individually until you find out which one blows the fuse. This particular problem may take some inves ( Full Answer )

Why would the ignition starter fuse in a 97 Dodge Stratus blow everytime you start the car?

your wiring to the fuse box has been loosend or broken. make sure it is pushed all the way in and try again. if that doesnt work than you have break (shortage) in the wiring itself!!! . EDIT:More likely than the idea above, if your starter is over 10yrs. old it may be going bad. a bad starter can ( Full Answer )

Why would 1999 Plymouth breeze blow fuse when starting?

Answer . If you have installed any accessory that requires power, it may be that your positive or negative terminals are not properly tightened (or a bit loose), but it all depends on which fuse is blowing.

Is it ok to install a remote car starter into a 2002 Pontiac grand prix?

Answer I was told that you can install them but you have to buy a new key from the dealer so the chip can be used out of it. They would basically destroy the key so they can use the chip in the remote starter kit. They have to do this because the cars anti-theft system needs the chips info to start ( Full Answer )

Why do you blow a fuse on your 1997 jeep chreokee when you turn the ignition and the car wont start?

Fuses Blowing When Starting Car . Here's an answer that is certainly not specific to this vehicle, but common to anything with an electrical system that starts using a battery (cars, trucks, busses).\n. \nThis answer (an educated guess) makes two assumptions: (a) your battery has a weak charge, ( Full Answer )

You replaced your starter in your 1993 grand am and your car wont start not ever a click from the starter why?

We had the same problem in our '97. Check that your battery is fully charged and working properly, also check that the alt is working. If both of these are in working order it could be a faulty ground wire or the starter wire. Then, if those check out fine, I would start checking into your ignition ( Full Answer )

Why would a 2002 VW Beetle TDI keep blowing the left headlight fuse?

I will give one caveat: I have never worked on a new VW Beetle.. That said, I believe that you have either degraded wiring from chafing, or you blew a bulb and it shorted out and damaged your wiring or bulb mount.. I would examine the connector for metallic debris, or melting that has allowed the ( Full Answer )

How does your 2002 jeep grand Cherokee limited remote car starter work and why does the alarm sound when you remote start the car?

The alarm sounds because when it was installed they did not hook up factory alarm disarm. This is crucial because when the car is remote started, the car thinks someone broke in through the window and it trying to start the car while the car is still armed. If the disarm wire is pulsed the car then ( Full Answer )

Why does your coil fuse blow when you try to start ignition?

You have an electrical short. It could (possibly) be a short internal to the coil but it's much more likely that a wire (somewhere between the ignition switch and the coil) has rubbed through against a bit of (grounded) metal. Look for any wire rubs especially near the coil and/or near the throttle ( Full Answer )

1997 jeep grand Cherokee engine will not rotate or start. No instrument cluster lights no radio or fan blow. I have replaced battery starter solenoid ignition switch ignition relay and related fuses.?

Try checking all the wires in the wiring harness under the hood, could be a problem with a wire or a ground wire somewhere. Also check all of the ground wires under the hood (black wires) for any corrosion or tears. It could also be a problem with the engine control unit (ecu).

Why would a car not turn over even if the battery and starter have been replaced When you try to start it it only clicks when you turn the ignition switch?

If all you get is a single click when you try to start the engine, check the starter solenoid/relay. If you get a series of rapid clicks, look for a loose battery/starter cable. If you get a single click and everything goes completely off, check for a loose battery cable (more likely the positive).. ( Full Answer )

What would cause a gear shifter of my Toyota 4Runner to be stuck in park the car will start but it blows the 'tail fuse' every time?

Need Year and Model of vehicle? what type engine? 6cyl 4 cyl. it's a 1994 Check auto transmission fluid level. Does fuse blow right as you replace it or when you try to shift it? both! took it off-roading this wknd and every time it was put in PARK it got stuck! changed the fuse & it blew ( Full Answer )

What blows ignition fuse?

Fuse "Blowing" . A blowing fuse is an indication that there is a short circuit condition in that circuit.. A short circuit condition is the result of a "hot" wire or component in a circuit coming into contact with another wire or component which is "grounded.". Grounded means that a metalli ( Full Answer )

Why would the ignition fuse keep blowing on a 1998 ford contour?

Fuses that "keep blowing when replaced" . Fuses and Circuit Breakers are safety devices designed and installed in electrical circuits TO PROTECT the conductors [wires] from short circuits and overload conditions which can cause extreme overheating that can result in damage to the insulation and ( Full Answer )

What would cause on a 94 grand Cherokee limted the 20 amp fuse that goes in engine control under the hood keeps blowing when you try to start the engine?

Get out your flash light and start checking for broken or burnt wires in the engine compartment. Also go to an Auto Parts store and have them put a OBD tester on your computer. The problem could be caused by the PCM/ECM=Power Control Module/Engine Control Module. . You may have to call around to di ( Full Answer )

Why does the ignition fuse blow when?

Fuses That "Blow" Repeatedly Without being able to "hands on" troubleshoot the circuit served by the repeatedly blowing fuse, no one can identify the specific cause/defect which is causing your problem. Therefore, the following generic answer can be applied to any electrical circuit , whethe ( Full Answer )

2002 Honda CRV Why would a fuse keep blowing for your passenger electric window?

About Circuit in which Fuses "Blow" Repeatedly When a fuse, AND REPLACEMENT fuses continue to blow is an indication of a "SHORT CIRCUIT" CONDITION somewhere within that circuit . Without doing personally doing a "hands on" troubleshooting of your vehicle, no one here can tell you specifically wha ( Full Answer )

Why do ignition coil fuse keep blowing?

You may have a short circuit causing the open circuit (Fuse blown) Also, check to make sure the fuse is the correct amperage. check to make sure the ignition coil is for your vehicle not a newer model or older model. The spark plugs put into the car are the ones recommended for the vehicle. IF not t ( Full Answer )