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I think it is the engine and you need to have a wet and dry compression test to see if you have a bad valve.

you either need to down shift or your crankshaft bearing could be shot . maybe even your crank itself when u drive in to high of a gear and you get vibrations it is your crankshaft banging against everything its not supposed to! change your oil see if its taking a little more then usual the clearance between your crank bearings is worn and shot bearings defiantly will cause those vibrations.

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Can you convert manual transmission to automatic transmission?

Converting a manual transmission to automatic transmission is not possible but you can replace a manual transmission to an automativ transmission . That is also an expensive deal.

How do you check transmission fluid on 1987 manual transmission?

there is no fluid for a manual transmission

What was invented first manual transmission or automatic transmission?


What fluid is used in a 1996 Ford manual transmission?

You can use any SAE certified manual transmission fluid in your 1996 Ford manual transmission. Make sure you use manual transmission fluid and not automatic transmission fluid.

How do you know if your transmission is going out on a manual transmission?

If your transmission is manual, you will have to change gear. If it is automatic, you won't.

Is there a transmission filter on a 2004 manual dodge neon?

No. The manual transmission does not have a filter.

Where do you check transmission fluid level on a Saturn with manual transmission?

I dont think manual transmission cars use transmission fluid.

What kind of transmission fluid do you use in a 2003 5 speed manual transmission?

* NV1500 - Mopar® Manual Transmission Lubricant * NV3550 - Mopar® Manual Transmission Lubricant

What kind of fluid does a 98 ford escort manual transmission take?

You can use any SAE certified transmission fluid in your 1998 Ford escort manual transmission. Make sure the transmission fluid is for your manual transmission and not an automatic transmission.

What causes jerking and surging during deceleration?

That only usually only happens in a manual transmission

Can the ecm for automatic work for manual transmission?

The ECU for an automatic can be used in a manual transmission. However, it will not work vice-versa with the ECU from a manual transmission in an automatic.

Do they the Chevy Colorado with a manual transmission?

If you mean, do they make the Chevy Colorado with a manual transmission, the answer is yes; the standard transmission in a base Colorado is a 5-speed manual.

Where do you add transmission fluid in a 1994 Ford Explorer with a manual transmission?

Where do I add transmission fluid to a 1994 Ford explorer with a manual transmission?

Where is transmission dip stick on 1998 Ford Mustang manual transmission?

The manual transmission does not have a dipstick , there will be a fill plug somewhere on the transmission body

What is the acceleration of a 1991 camaro?

That depends on which engine you have under the hood, and if it is equipped with an A/T or Manual transmission. You fail to provide this critical information, so your question is unanswerable.

What type transmission fluid 2000 f 150 with a manual transmission?

Motorcraft MERCON ATF ( automatic transmission fluid ) is used in the 5 speed manual transmission ( according to the owners manual )

Filter on a 1990 Honda Accord manual?

Manual transmission vehicles have no transmission filter.

How much manual transmission fluid is needed on a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500?

Depends on which one you have. Manual Transmission, AX-15..........6.5 pintsManual Transmission, NV3500.......4.2 pintsManual Transmission, NV4500.......8.0 pints

How to Check transmission fluid on your 95 camaro manual 3.4?

you cant check the transmission fluid on any manual transmission

Is an Automatic or manual transmission better in a muscle car?

MANUAL TRANSMISSION because its more powerful and quicker then a automatic. Your muscle car will not have muscle without a manual transmission

What type of transmission oil does Mazda 323 use?

Use Dextron automatic transmission fluid (even for manual transmission) per the factory manual. Cheers Malcolm Use Dextron automatic transmission fluid (even for manual transmission) per the factory manual. Cheers Malcolm

How many 1976 Corvettes were made with a manual transmission?

2,038 corvettes in 1976 had a manual transmission.

What type of fluid is used in a 1992 C1500 manual transmission?

Synchromesh Manual Transmission Fluid

What new trucks have a manual transmission?

the "Chevrolet Colorado" comes standard with a 5speed manual transmission

Is there a manual transmission for 99 04 Jeep Cherokee?

The grand Cherokee was not offered with a manual transmission.