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Why would the my AC get warm at idle but turn cold once the engine is reved?

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a/c's work better while compressor is running at higher speeds... also, everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual available in the REFERENCE section...make copies of the right sections...good luck :)

2006-07-16 11:21:01
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Q: Why would the my AC get warm at idle but turn cold once the engine is reved?
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What will cause high idle on 1996 Chevy 1500?

you most likely have a horrible fuel sensory causing your car to be bad at idling. also you may hvae reved your engine to hard and that is causing it to idle.

Why would an engine overheat while driving but stay at same temp while idle?

A faulty thermostat. leaking head gasket lower radiator hose soft collapses when motor is reved up

Does throttle position sensor have anything to do with high idle when engine is cold?

yes hot or cold it affects idle speed

Why is idle rough on cold engine in 2007 ford focus?

throttle body or idle air control value

What can cause an 04' Chevy Trailblazer with L6 engine to idle rpms over 2000 when engine is started up cold?

This is a electronic fuel enjected engine and therefore the electonics set the engine idle speed a bit higher during a cold start so the engine will not stall out.

What isidol speed fora 4clyinderengine?

Im guessing your asking @ what RPM is the 4 cylinder engine supposed to idel at. Well, theres usually two idle settings. A cold idle and a warm idle. You didint mention for what engine, and that's important because every engine has its own correct idle but to give ya a rough idea, the cold idle is usually 950-1000 RPM and warm idle is usually 850-900 RPM!

Why would your jeep stall in idle?

Usually, a jeep's engine stalls in idle mode because of a battery power fault or because there is no gas. However, it is common for any car to stall when it has not been running for a period of time and the engine is cold.

Your 96 infinity i30 idle is not at 0 zero is that a problem?

No, an engine idle RPM being not zero is not a problem. If the idle were zero, the engine would not be running!

What causes a 2000 sable to rough idle when cold but a smooth idle when engine is warm?

Most likely bad intake manifold gasket. When the engine is cold the engine shrinks which unseals the intake and allows a small amount of unregulated air into the engine causing it to idle rough. as the engine heats up it expands sealing the leak causing idle to improve. You should also get lean codes from the computer as the engine is running to lean. Very common problem with the DOHC engine. See "Related Questions" below for more

Why would the rpm be high at cold start up?

It is intentional, it is called high idle. It helps warm the engine to proper operating temperature.

Why is temp guage reading hot and the blower is blowing cold air and the rad is full?

My blower would blow cold air at idle & engine would start to overheat, I replaced my thermostat & problem solved.

Has anyone got a picture of an engine idle?

A picture of an idle??? Idle is a state of operation not an actual part. As in, the engine is idling at 750 rpms. A picture of an engine at idle would look almost exactly like a picture of an engine that is running at 3000 RPM or shut off.

What does the idle air valve control would it stop your truck from running at high idle?

No it will not. It only controlls the idle of the engine.

How do abs affect engine iddle?

ABS brakes should have no effect on engine idle, but a bad power brake vacuum booster would have an effect on engine idle.

1968 car idle very high when started in park?

Your car will idle high until the engine begins to warm. You could set the idle to be a bit lower, but that may cause the engine to stall out when it's cold out. The engine should begin to lower the RPMs when it is warmed up.

Why does the heater go cold when engine at idle but goes warm when engine revs up on my dawoo matiz 0.8cc?

add coolant.

What would make an engine idle high when clutch is depressed?

Engine vacuum leak.

Engine knocking when idle?

There are a number of reasons why an engine would knock when you idle the vehicle. It could be your motor mounts. You may also need oil.

How does an idle control valve work?

The idle control valve works by regulating the idle speed of the engine. The idle speed of the engine is usually controlled by the engine of the computer.

Why does my 1990 Toyota Camry idle fast a start up?

This is because the engine has not yet fully warmed up. The computer increases the idle speed to prevent stalling when the engine is cold. To correct this, wait for the engine to warm up, or shut it off.

Where is the idle air control valve located on your 1995 Honda Accord?

On throttle body. It lets in extra air at idle when engine cold and throttle blade is closed.

Why is a Idle speed control solenoid important?

The Idle speed control serves a few functions such as increasing the idle when the vehicle is cold to keep it from stalling. It also responds to increased engine load such as when you turn on the air conditioning or turn the steering wheel at idle. Without the idle speed solenoid the vehicle would stall nearly every time you came to a stop.

Why would a '98 Ford Contour shake when in drive or idle and after you first start it cold?

you could have a solid miss or something out of balance like hamonic balancer or bent pulleys bad belt or vaccum leak check spark plugs and vaccum lines first they will always miss because the engines cold idle is still keeping the engine at that speed until the engine becomes warm enough the moment you touch the pedal it brings the rpm off cold idle to warm which is a lot lower

Subaru 2.2 will not idle smooth when cold. the idle will jump up and down from 400 to 3000 rpm when cold. once it warms up the idle will stay around 400rpm. what would cause this?

The Subaru engine could have a vacuum leak, bad head gasket, stuck choke, or several other things causing the problem. Any of these could give problems then ease up as the engine warms up.

Could Catalytic converters clogged on 1991 GM Sonoma truck cause it not to stay idled?

Probably not. They would have to be clogged solid not to let engine idle in which case the engine would not run at any speed. If they were semi-clogged the engine would idle but hold engine back from revving up.