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Why would the nazi invaed Poland?

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Because they hated the Polish and wanted to take over the world

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What is the Nazi invasion of Poland?

It is the military invasion on Poland by the Nazi Germany on September 1, 1939, which ended in German's occupation of Poland till 1945.

Who was the Nazi leader of Poland during World War 2?

Poland did not have a Nazi leader. The Germans incorporated parts of Poland into Germany and Russia (which was their ally at that time), and the rest of Poland has been called "General government". The Nazi occupation forces were governed by a German called Hans Frank.

Was Poland a natze country?

What is "natze"? Did you mean "nazi"? Then the answer is definetly no, Poland was fighting against nazi Germany during the Wolrd War II.

Who invaded Poland in 1939?

Nazi Germany and the USSR invaded Poland in 1939.

Where were nazi death camps constructed?


The largest Nazi death camp was located at?

Auschwitz and it was located in Nazi-Occupied Poland.

Where we're most of the Nazi extermination camps located?

Most of them were in Poland and Nazi Germany.

When did the Nazis attack Poland?

Nazi Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, 1939.

What country invaded Poland in 1939?

Nazi Germany and the USSR invaded Poland in 1939.

Where did Nazi camp start?

If you are asking where the first Nazi death camp was, it was Chelmno, located in Poland.

How did Poland come under the nazi rule?

they were ambushed

Southwestern Poland Nazi death camp?


What country did the nazi party invade first?


Who ruled Poland under Nazi rule?

The Nazis!

What year did nazi forces storm Poland?


Did Poland participate in World War 2?

Actually Poland got invaded by Nazi Germany

Nazi concentration camp in Poland?

First of all they were German-Nazi concentration camps in occupied Poland. Auschwitz - Birkenau Majdanek Sztutowo - Stutthof Chelmno Bełżec

What were the first 2 countries to go into World War 2?

The first two countries to go into WW2 were Nazi Germany and Poland prior to the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany.

What country was the site of most of the nazi extermination camps?


How zelow Poland come under nazi rule?

by war

What did the nazi-soviet pact agree to divide?


What was the first country attacked by the Nazi power?

poland 1938

What was the name of the largest Nazi extermination camp in Poland?


What Hitler and Nazi Germany did to Poland is what the empire of japan did to?


What countries were the Nazi camps in?

Please see the related question and the links from there. The extermination camps were in Nazi occupied Poland. Many of the ordinary concentration camps were in Germany, but there were also some in Poland.