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Hey Anna==It depends on what kind and year of car you have. If it is GM it probably is a plastickeeeper tthat fits in the run channel. if it is Ford, it can be part of the linkage lose. Goodluck Joe I have a 00 Dodge Intrepid

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How do you repair the passenger side window on a 2001 Pontiac grand am gt?

That depends on if it is the motor on the track inside the window or just your window being jammed. If it is the motor you would have to replace that. The most probable cause is the clips on the track coming off the window so that the window doesn't go into the correct position. It won't pull down or go up correctly. You can try to take the door panel off yourself - but I would suggest taking it to a mechanic. I have had this problem with my 03 Grand Am GT1

How do you put passenger side window back on track?

Type of vehicle would help, there are some different ways they work. In general, take the inside panel off. The front track is probably held in place by one or two bolts, top and bottom. You can usually take it loose, get the window in the back track and then the front. Sometimes the plastic rollers at the bottom of the window can break and this lets the window get out of the track. Something became out of line for the window to get out of the track.

Why would a 1993 Cadillac Deville passenger window not want to roll up?

if it's not electric it probably fell off the track

Are the drivers side and passenger side power window motor regulators interchangeable on a 2002 Silverado?

no there is a left and right if you moved one to the other side the track for the window would face toward the out side of truck window would not mount to regulator.

Why would driver side window not work but passenger work fine on a 2001 grand am gt?

each window has it's own window regulator and window motor. so if one is working and one is not, you would have to take the door panel off and see if one or the other is working, or the window may just be off the window track

The front passenger and rear driver passenger power window stoped workingI check all the fuses and they are working. the rest of the window work perfect what would be the solution to this problem?

I would replace the master window switch

Why would the passenger window not go down on a 1990 Thunderbird unless you help it?

bad window motor have it replaced.

How do you fix a window off track on a 2001 VW Bug?

I would try to get some technical diagram of the vehicle door. Then, as you understand the layout of the components within the door, the part that you can not not see, you should try to put the window on track. This can be done by a help of another person. Think of it this way, you need to fish the window on the track but you can not see the track - to do this, you need to set the track half way and then work the window with both hands onto the track. How do you know where the track is when you power the window up/down - I don't know. However, I ended up taking the car door apart to get inside and look at the window as I reseated onto the track. You may need to do the same or pay a technician 300.00 to do it for you.

If your car window does not go up straight how would you fix it?

If its an automatic window, then the motors may be about shot. If its a manual window, have the tracking checked, it may be slipping off track.

How do you replace a fly window on back passenger door?

The year, make and model vehicle would help.

In France which side of the rail track would you travel along as a passenger on a train opposed too the two regions Alsace and Moselle?

In France as a passenger on a train opposed to the two regions Alsace and Moselle, you would travel along the left side of the rail on a double track.

What would cause the electric window to stop working on the drivers side onlyon a Ford Fiesta 1990 and it's not the fuse as the passenger window works and both are on the same fuse?

It could be your window regulator.

What type of glue to glue car window back in track?

I would use a two part epoxy.

Why would the passenger window not roll up using either driver or passenger switch in a 2000 Lincoln Navigator?

First thing I would check is the fuse panel. Usually located under the dash.

Why would passenger window not work then for one day work then stop working the next?

There is a short in the wires in the door.

Why would the passenger window buttons not work on a 1999 ford explorer?

Check the drivers side switch panel for the switch that locks out the passenger windows from working, make sure it is not on.

How do you fix a car window that won't go up or down?

You would diagnose the problem to determine what the cause is. Assuming this is a power window, it could be the electric motor, the switch, the wiring, the circuit breaker, the relays, the window track, the window regulator and so on.

1990 Chevy cavalier window track repair I would like to see a diagram of the drivers side door window track mechanisim for manual window only.?

Diagrams can not be inserted here but there are several sources to find one. A good auto repair manual like Chitons or Haynes should have what you need.

What could be wrong when the passenger side window switches do not operate the windows but the driver side switches do operate the passemger windows.?

Does this car have a safety lockout of the passenger switches? It's probably activated. If it was just one passenger window I would suspect a broken wire, most likely in the rubber bellows between the door and frame.

Who perfoms the title track of he film coming to America?

Wikipedia states that, The System "would also reach #23 on Billboard's R&B chart with the title track from the 1988 Eddie Murphy film Coming to America."'

Passenger side power window will not go up not even when using control on driver's side Driver side window works What could be the problem?

I would check the switches first then check the window motor for passengers side.

Is the maglev train coming to the United Kingdom?

Not in the immediate future, it isn't. The cost of the track would be prohibitive.

How much would it cost to fix a window on a 1988 Buick lesabre?

My sister just paid 180$ for her driver side window, on her 88' buick lasabre. This was just for the track though (to keep the window held up), they said the motor would cost another 100$.

Why does my 1998 Honda Civic Si window jump out of its track?

The window glides up and down within a track designed to retain the plastic slide clips which are attached to the holes in the sides of the glass along the tracks. Reasons why the window jumps out of track would include: (1) The clip is missing or broken. Solution: buy new glides on the "Helps" display in your local auto supply store. (2) The track has been spread open over time, allowing the (intact) slide clip to slip out of the track. Solution: carefully compress the track back into its original shape, making sure it's tight enough to keep the clip in place, yet not so tight that it pinches the window, resulting in binding the glass, keeping the window from sliding. Once new clip is installed in glass (snapped together with a firm click) and the track is the right width, as someone else rolls the window down, firmly gripping the window, press it against the track until it slips in. It's also a good idea to pump some graphite in the track to lubricate the sliding action. Lack of lubricant within the track can cause the slide clip to jump out of the track.

Why does the passenger window go up and down by passenger controller but only goes down by the master controller and not up on my 1997 Mitsubishi galant?

This would indicate a bad wire or bad master switch.