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Why would the porcelain on the number 4 spark plug crack a few days after being replaced each time on a Grand Prix 3.8 Supercharger?


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2004-11-04 10:16:47
2004-11-04 10:16:47

If it is above the metal part it is the installer. If it is below, it may be the wrong plugs or heat range.


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You don't have to replace the supercharger you will just have no performence power and bad gas milage, but you will not harm the supercharger. Same thing happen to me, year later I replaced my supercharger belt and supercharger was fine.....dont wait get it fixed dont hurt the GTP!!!!!

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Yes, there is a supercharger for the 2001 grand am.

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How do you change the supercharger belt tensioner in 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP?

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Yes, you can drive without the Supercharger belt for as long as necessary.

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Right next to the supercharger

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