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Why would the power door and seat fuse in the 2000 ford explorer blow every time it is replaced?


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2007-07-12 13:28:17
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There is a strong possibility that SOMETHING is connected wrong or shorted to ground. If I remember right there is a harness under the seat that gets chaffed, and causes the short. Not to say this is the case for sure. But a spot to check.


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Just had Rack and pinion replaced on my 1999 Explorer, it cost $450 which included parts and labor.

In the power distribution box in your engine compartment of your 1997 Ford Explorer there is a 30 amp maxi-fuse in location # 10 , for your power seat(s) , power windows and power locks . Ford recommends disconnecting the battery before servicing anything in the PD BOX , which would mean that your Explorer would have to relearn its idle , the clock would need to be reset etc.

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I'm not a mechanic / technician but from what I have read there are ( 3 ) different engine blocks for the Ford 4.0 liter Over Head Valve , V6 engine ( 1991 to 1994 Ford Explorer ) ( 1995 and 1996 Ford Explorer ) ( 1997 to 2000 Ford Explorer ) * so I would say the answer is ( no )

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Coincidence. This would not cause the P/S to fail. The 2 problems are not related.

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The wire from the battery to solenoid is corroded & should be replaced.

Common problem, easy solution, three possibilities only. Either, the power steering fluid is low or one of the belts at the engine need to be replaced or the power steering pump is worn and needs to be replaced. Check to see how much fluid is in the power steering pump, if full then replace every belt on the engine, if the sound goes away then you are done, if not replace the power steering pump.

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Check the fuses in the power distribution block (under the hood)

On my 1995 Explorer sometimes I would have to push the squirter button 3 times before it would work , and I also noticed that 2 of my intermittant wiper positions would not work. I had the multi function switch replaced by the dealer and everything works fine now.

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Your battery connections and fuses may be fine but is your battery dead ? I drove to work one day and when I came out of work I had no power to anything. I used my key to unlock the door, opened the hood and even the little light under my hood would not light up. I got a boost, drove the Explorer to the dealer, left it running but locked, and when they tested the battery it had a dead cell, so they replaced the battery.

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1) It prevents damage to injectors and engine from debris in fuel. 2) Yes. This filter should be replaced at every other oil change to prevent power loss.

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The fan switch is probably bad. My Ford Explorer did that, I had to have the switch replaced. This could also be caused by a bad blower motor resistor.

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