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In my sons 1993 300zx there is an electric accuator located behind the door handle, his was broken, need to remove door panel to acsess. In my 300zx, there are 2 cheap plastic black pieces connecting a set of 2 metal rods (one going to the back of the door and one going into the door handle/power) You have to disassemble the door to get to it, try replacing that if it's broken or not even there.

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Q: Why would the power door locks on a 1990 Nissan 300ZX not lock anymore?
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no power to starter on Nissan 300zx twin turbo

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1985 - 1988 Nissan Maxima is the only other Nissan model with power window motors that will fit a 1986 300ZX.

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3 times the power of 15

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your coil is bad replace with new on

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its on the passenger side silver with a black cap.

Where is the distributor on a 1991 Nissan 300ZX?

I don't think it has one. There is a power transistor unit that connects to the coil packs.

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Fuse panel, under the dash.

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For 300zx: may help

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No it has a recall on the ignition power transitor, get yours fixed today...

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if it has power door locks then it should have keyless remotes

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The fuse box.

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Bulb Fuse There may be separate for each side in power dist. box Bad ground

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The 2005 Nissan Altima offers many luxury and standard features. They range from power windows, power locks, sun roof, leather seats, and heated seats.

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you need to remove the radiator reservoir first. there are two screws you have to loosen on the power steering pump..thats it

Where is the power steering pump located at on a 1993 Nissan 300zx NA?

Directly above the Alternator. Its on the passenger side. The power steering pump is attached to the top left belt. Not to hard to get to if you need to.

How fast does a 1990 Nissan 300zx go?

i think like 160 * edit - the NA model is limited to about 148 due to gearing and power vsd drag

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what year and model? the @ + 2 seater when it was made had more than the regular 2 passenger sports car. the standard 300zx na (normal aspirated engine) 89-96 has 222 bhp as standard

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you can disonnect the white terminal from the battery clamp but then the windows do not work. the locks often stick on and drain the battery. so i would like manual locks just turn the key. tell what to disconnect

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its easiest to bring it in because you have to take the door pannel off. (without breaking anything.) its a real pain sometimes.

1994 Nissan 300zx center brake light does not work?

Do you have power to the connection that is on the back of the center brake light? the red wire should have voltage to it. If not, it may be grounding out somewhere.

Does j30 have same power as 300zx?

A J30 has 210hp.

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PCM, Relays, Power locks, wiring