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You probably have a bad window switch (someone else wrote)


I have a 1990 Toyota Camry DX with power windows and locks. The series of car run from 1987,1988,1989,1990,1991. I prefer the crank windows. This is my 3rd Toyota of this series. AND...

I wish the window switch would be that easy... maybe on some but not the one I have. It is the rear passenger window. It would go down but not up. So I thought that I would get a used MASTER window switch. But that one could be bad also... how do I know. The tests that I ran were to find out if the wires that were going to the widow switch were getting power. (Using a multimeter-12volts) I would press down on the Master switch to see if there was any power coming through. I would have power on one wire but not on the other. Before I even started this, I pulled out the window motor and tested it by connecting a wire to the battery of the car to see if it would go up and down by switching the wires from positive to negative and vise-versa. So I am still waiting to find a used 'WORKING' Master window switch to swap and find out if it works or not. If a good one doesn't work... IT HAS TO BE A GROUNDED/SHORTED or cut off wire somewhere along the path of the one wire. The MASTER SWITCH is fairly complicated. I have taken it apart to test and see if there was anything that may have broken/severed/blown up BUT found nothing significant. I tried using logic by the process of elimination and that's why I'm thinking that it is the MASTER window switch. Did you ever try and buy a new one? Did you ever look at the cost of a new one? It seems to be worth more than the car. W


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Q: Why would the power window on a 1991 Toyota Camry go down but not up on?
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