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you might need a new battery, battery cables? i had that same prob and i replaced both and now they work great! Find a silicone spray and spray around the trim where the glass comes out of. Your problem is common with older vehicles and I had the same problem with my old 87 exi. good luck! Bad Motors I replaced my motors and they work fine not cheap

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Why does the Windows 7 Release Candidate install slowly?

I don't why the Windows 7 Release Candidate installs slowly.

How is a virus harmful?

it will eventually kill you slowly and painfully

What are the symptoms of a bad brake master cylinder on a 1990 Honda accord?

the pedal will slowly depress with no loss of fluid

What is developmentally disabled?

Developing mental skills slowly. Developing slowly. Not always mental skills.

Why did Hitler start the holocaust slowly?

To slowly turn the other Germans against the Jews, so that eventually they would accept Jewish exclusion.

What are two sentences with an adverb describing a verb?

Jack slowly trudged along the mountain trail. -- adverb = slowly We always eat at 6:00 in the evening. -- adverb = always

How does water affect structures?

The structure absorbs the water slowly, causing it to weaken and eventually to collapse.

What is wrong if when you step on the gas on a '95 Honda Accord it takes off slowly?

Change the fuel filter then, have the catalatic convertor checked out.

How do you fix 2008 Honda accord compass?

On my Dodge I have to hit the RESET button and slowly drive in a circle 3 times. HOPE THIS HELPS.

What would happen if your dog starts to choke?

He will eventually go into a coma and then die slowly if you don't do anything about it.

Why do your car windows go up slowly?

To give you time to move your hands or anything else away from it (:

What is a sentence containg simile about rain?

the rain trickles slowly down the windows like a child's tears

Why does a drop of food coloring in a glass of water slowly become evenly distributed even if it is not stirred?

It reaches equilibrium. This means that eventually the molecules will be evenly distributed. You don't need to use a spoon because the water molecules are always moving, as well as the dye, so eventually it will be equally distributed without you having to stir.

What computers can you use for UBFunkeys?

Any computer with a USB drive and internet connection. If the site has any system requirements, they should be listed on the site. If the game seems to be running slowly, try closing all other applications and windows you are using. If the game is always running slowly, and you tried this, try contacting the makers or customer support.

If you overdose on trazidone do you fall asleep faster?

no you die eventually... it is slowly shutting down your system. nice knowing you:(

Is dissolving an example of change in state?

Yes it is.The structure absorbs the water slowly, causing it to weaken and eventually to collapse.

Do Tree roots grow when dormant?

Yes, but very slowly, as they always do. It does not change.

What is wrong with a 92 Honda Accord when the engine turns over but very slowly?

Bad or discharged battery, bad ground, dirty connections at the battery, or a bad starter.

Do the continental plates remain in one place?

No, both the continental and oceanic plates are always moving. Moving slowly, but always moving.

Was consumer goods rationed after World War 2?

Yes. Rationing was slowly reduced and eventually ended completely in 1954

Are there wolves in the Grand Canyon?

Not any longer. Wolves are slowly returning to the desert southwest, and may (eventually) come back to there.

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