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The fan is meant to cool the radiator even after the car has turned off. Some vehicles have a heat type sensor to activate when the fan should "kick" in, others just automatically intermittantly run for a few minutes when turned on or have a set time for after it's turned off. Maybe when you did the wiring you inadvertantly disconnected something necessary to the start up of the vehicle. Sounds like you installed the fan to work properly so I would just concentrate on what wiring you were near when you put it in...something simple might've come off or loose.


I found the problem to be a poorly connected ground. After cleaning the plug the housed the ground; my problem was solved.

Greatestmind weighing in on this. Now it seems like you are saying your fan works fine but the coolant still overheats. If this is the case check your thermostat, and hope your water pump is working properly. Feel the inlet and outlet hoses on your radiator after about 5 minutes of engine running, both should feel hot to the hand.

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Q: Why would the radiator fan be the only thing to work?
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A very likely cause is a failed radiator fan.A very likely cause is a failed radiator fan.

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