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thinking on the electrical fan this car has if I remember rite the grand am regal and Oldsmobile all have a thermostatic electric fan. But if the sensor isn't working to tell it to go on it wont. Suggestion make sure with test light that there is current at the fan motor on both sides of sensor.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:24:08
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Q: Why would the radiator fan not be running in a 1994 Buick Century?
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What would cause a top radiator hose to crush on a 2001 3.1 buick?

Check valve in radiator cap malfunction, replace radiator cap.

What would cause a 91 Buick Century wagon with 200000 miles to lose coolant NO puddles and the oil is perfect after a few days the radiator is almost empty?

Check to see if the coolant fan is running. With the engine hot, and running, open the hood and see if the fan is turning. If it's not, then either the fan,temp sensor, relay or wiring is bad.

What would cause the low coolant lite on a 2000 buick century to come on if the cooling system has been flushed and the levels seem fine?

Levels are probably not fine. Check the radiator not the overfow tank for proper level. The radiator should be full to the top.

How much should it cost to repair the radiator on a 1998 Buick Century?

The radiator costs about $150 and if you have a shop do it you should expect to pay about 2 hours labor plus coolant. A good estimate would be around $300 to $400 if you have a shop do it. If you do it yourself, around $200.

Replace lower control arm on a 1998 buick century?

I would.

Why don't the turn signals or running lights as well as the automatic headlights on your 97 buick century work?

The lights on your Buick could be out for a number of reasons. It could be blown fuses, faulty wiring, or dead bulbs. Your mechanic would be able to test this.

Why would a Buick Century Sedan fail for emissions?

Usually it is the O2 sensor

Why would your car stop after running 3 or 4 miles Robert orange CA?

my buick century would die but only if i slowed down or stopped after about 3-4 miles....if was a spark sensor? that eventually was replaced?

Why would engine oil leak into the radiator of a 1999 buick regal?

head gasket may need to be replaced

What would cause an 87 Buick Century to shutoff when idling?

old fuel filter

Why would a fan runs while you are driving?

There are 2 fans that would be running while you are driving and that is normal... the compressor fan if you have the air conditioner running and the radiator fan runs to help keep the radiator cool while the engine is on.

What would make the check engine light come on in a 1992 Buick Century when car is running?

Could be anything. Some Autozone stores will run diagnostics for free. Try them if you have one near where you live.

Your 1999 buick lesabre just had the radiator replaced and then the heater core went out should they have replaced the heater core when they replaced the radiator?

If your heater core wasn't leaking at the time your radiator was replaced , then ( no ) That would be two separate jobs

Where is the fuel pump relay for a 84 Buick century?

it would be in the relay box under the hood

Does a 2005 buick century have a timing belt or a timing chain?

That would be a timing chain for this car.

Why would a 1993 Buick LeSabre stop running and not turn over?

Check battery and cables

How many spark plugs in 2001 Buick century?

If it's a 6 cylinder , 6 , if 8 cylinder , which I think Buick does not make in that model , it would be 8 .

What is special about changing the coolant in a 1995 Buick Regal -- why would a manual say not to open the radiator cap?

The assumption is, the engine is hot and if you open the radiator cap you will be sprayed with hot radiator coolant. If I'm not mistaken, didn't the 95 Buick use the "permanent" radiator coolant? If so, don't change it until the specified time. Just don't open it while it's hot. Do it when the car is cool.

What could cause a 1996 Buick century to have water in oil?

i have a 1996 buick century just came back from mechanic head gasket is gone and there is anti freeze in my oil i guess if you had water in your rad then you would have water in your oil.

What would make a loud roaring noise when your 2002 Buick Century accelerates?

Bad fan clutch!!

What does a carquest oil filter 85036 fit?

LOL the better Question would be what doesn't it fit. Here are just a few follow the link for more BUICK CENTURY/CENTURY WAGON V6 2.8L 173 CID BUICK CENTURY/CENTURY WAGON V6 4.3L Diesel BUICK ELECTRA/WAGON/PARK AVE. V6 4.3L Diesel BUICK REGAL V6 3.1L 189 CID BUICK REGAL V6 4.3L Diesel BUICK ROADMASTER V8 5.7L 350 CID BUICK SKYHAWK L4 1.8L 112 CID BUICK SKYHAWK L4 2.0L 122 CID BUICK SKYLARK V6 2.8L 173 CID Oilman

Engine running hot when running AC in 1993 Honda Civic?

Make sure all cooling fans around radiator and condenser are running with a/c on and engine running at operating temperature. If ok then most likely cause would be low coolant level or restricted( clogged) radiator. My sisters 91 did the same thing two years ago and it took a new radiator to fix it.

Have lost all rear parking running lamps and the license plate lamps on 2000 Buick Century Custom Is there a fuse to check and where would it be?

check under the steering wheel. under hood (normally a black plastic box)

What would cause a 1994 buick century to lose rpm going up hill?

mabye the O2 sensors

Will a 99 buick century 3.1 engine fit into a 98 lumina?

you would have to change the heads and timing cover no you dont have to swap heads or timing cover! it is a direct swap! motor has been in the lumina for about a month now its running great!