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could be a bad ground

2008-04-08 22:56:21
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Why would the right inside and outside turn signal stop working on a car?

Check the fuses on the car, or the signal bulbs.

Why would the left turn signal on a 1986 Corvette work but not the right the bulbs do light up though whats the problem?

Make sure ALL of the bulbs are working. If one or more bulb has failed, the flashers stop so that you'll be forced to check them out. If it's not a bulb, it could be the turn signal switch.

1995 Pontiac Sun fire the left turn signal does not work the right turn signal does?

Check the bulbs. A failed bulb can often cause the signal to stop working on that side.

Left turn signal is flashing twice as fast as right signal 01 Sport Trac why?

usually a fast turn signal flasher indicates that a bulb is burned out. my bulbs are lit up ok my bulbs are working but sometimes it get this lil buzz and neither of the lights will work

If all the light bulbs are good on a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville why would the left turn signal not work when the right turn signal does?

Either there is a wire lose or the flasher relay is not working right or lose in its socket.

Why does my Right turn signal blink faster than the left on my 97 Tahoe why is that?

Check to make sure all bulbs are working properly

Right turn signal will not blink?

Check your bulbs and your flasher.

Where is turn signal flasher on 1987 corvette?

The 1987 Chevrolet Corvette turn signal flasher switch is located beneath the drivers side dashboard. The turn signal flasher switch will be to the right of the brake pedal.

Why does your left turn signal work and the right fails?

Is one of the bulbs on the right burnt out? In this case, it is surely a bulb issue so check all turn-signal related bulbs on the right side. See sources and related links below for correct bulb information.

What size bulbs for tail lights on 1977 corvette?

Right off the top of my head I'm gonna say 1157.

Your blue 15 amp turn signal fuse blows intermittenly on a 1992 Corvette Turn signal bulbs appear ok At times the fuse lasts longer than others?

try to determine if it blows when you signal left or right. Once you find out which side the problem is on, there is either an exposed wire shorting out or there is corrosion at the turn signal harness for that particular side, front or rear.

1987 corvette left turn signal does not work right does flashers work right side only?

je ne says pas

What is the problem with a 1992 Mazda 929 if the left signal is working but not the right signal?

The right side will have a burnt out/ missing light bulb.

How do you fix a blinker that is blinking twice as fast as the other and bulbs are changed as well as fuses are too?

Replace the signal flasher relay assuming you have physically seen front and rear, left and right signal bulbs flash.

On a 93 lumina when you turn on right turn signal no blink just stays on?

One of the bulbs is burnt out.

If your right turn signal on an 1986 Camaro is out and the left still works and you have replaced both bulbs what could be wrong?

maybe wrong bulbs 2057 or 3157 or 1156

How do you replace the turn signal bulbs on a 1997 Dodge Ram?

my left turn signal on my 1997 dodge conversion van works fine,the right signal lights but does not blink,,,,any ideas

Left turn signal works right one does not hazard works on jeep?

Assuming you have checked all of the bulbs, sockets and wiring, the signal flasher could be weak or the signal switch is bad.

You have 1992 Chevy Cavalier and the right turn signal comes on but it doesn't blink it just stays on so what's the problem?

Most likely, one of the right side turn signal bulbs is burned out.

Why would left turn signal on Saturn work but the right signal does not work?

Because the signal system is interconnected.Install new bulbs on the left side -including the front side...I realizethey work. You will be surprised.

Your blinker stopped working in your 1991 thunder bird lx?

Left and right stopped working? Check the fuse and/or the flasher relay. Only the left or the right stopped working? Check the bulbs.

Why is right turn signal blinking faster than the left and right brake and rear right signal aren't working in a 2000 Dodge Neon?

More than likely you have a burnt out bulb at the front signal light, rear signal light, or brake light on the right side.

Hazard warning lights not working but left right turn signeles working peugeot 106?

If the bulbs are working then you just need to change te fuse.

Why the turn signal ceeps blinking to the left even when put to blink to the right?

u need to replace both bulbs

What could cause the left turn signal to reamain on and the right signal wont turn on but the flashers work?

You could have a faulty bulb. Check for contact in both bulbs if they are new.