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It is intentional, it is called high idle. It helps warm the engine to proper operating temperature.

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Why does car heater get cold at high rpm?

open or missing thermostat

What is the standard 1981 dodge 360 idle RPM range?

750 to 900 rpm Whem it is warm, cold start 1200 to 14000 rpm

RPM of standing vehicle shoot up automatically when vehicle is started?

Most fuel injected automobiles rev when first started, most to about 14-1600 RPM, then settle down within 700-900 RPM after 3 to 5 seconds. The exception to this....On a cold start, or when the car is started for the first time (that day), the cold start will hold the RPM higher for a longer period of time. Unless your car is idling high for an extended period of time or reving above 2000 RPM, I would not be concerned. one indicator of a problem is your CEL (Check Engine Light), if it's on, you more than likely have a sensor issue and need to have it repaired.

What is the idle RPM for a 1.8L integra?

when u first start the car it will idle high, around 1.5 rpm to 2 rpm. when its warm up it should idle between 700-1000 rpm

Why does engine rev at 3000 rpm on start up?

cause the coolant temp is low , automobiles tend to do that when there cold

What would cause your 99 suburban to idle rough and studder only at low RPM?

it only studders at low rpm it runs great at high rpm or accelerating only at idle and take off rpm

Why would Car jerk at high RPM?

rev limiter will only let the RPM's get so high then it cuts back

What does RPM in a car mean?

RPM is short for Revolutions Per Minute. It is the measurement of how many times your engine is rotating each minute. As you accelerate, your RPM will increase until the next gear is selected, lowering the RPM. RPM is the whole reason for transmissions: if there was only one gear the RPM would get so high that the engine would become damaged. By shifting into higher gears, the RPM is lower and you get better gas mileage.

What would cause an engine to idle and run at a very high rpm?

Flooring the gas petal.

Why would your jeep rpm go up high while car is in park?

o2 sensor

Why does 2003 Mitsubishi lancer rpm drop when ac is started and when is cold started rpm do not go um.what control the rpm?

Have your servo control checked

Why would the RPM go nuts on start up in a 1992 Mitsubishi Mirage?

Because your foot is on the accelerator

What would cause high rpm at idle for 1994 Nissan altima?

Your throttle cable, needs to be adjusted.

What would cause a ringing sound at high rpm?

a dining sound could be lose nuts on the exhaust

Is it normal for a car engine to idle high in cold weather until it warms up?

Yes, but it depends on what "high" means. It shouldn't race, but 200 or 300 extra RPM would certainly be normal. The other thing to consider is the time it takes for the RPMs to go back to normal.

What would cause rattling and vibration sound at high rpm?

Something is out of balance, maybe the water pump is on its way out.

Why would a 1995 Tacoma 4cy idle just fine and even run well at high rpm while in park but it will die at high rpm while the truck is being driven?

If it's a stick, it sounds like the clutch or clutch componets.

Your fire bird v-8 it starts at about 1400 RPM then you drive for about 10 min you turn off the motor and start again the RPM looks to be low enough whats up with that.?

mine does this. when the motor warms up & the choke does its job it idles lower as opposed to fast idle from a cold start. when you start it again its already warmed up and the choke does not need to adjust itself. for 2nd gen 750 rpm is normal at operating temperature.

Is it harmful to play a 45 rpm vinyl at 33 rpm?

No, but why would you?

Why would your car idle high when cranking?

if the engine is cold the computer says I'm cold so rich up the mixture and speed up the engine via TPS. then once the engine warms up another sensor tells the computer it has warmed up and decrease the TPS signal slowing the RPM down.

What rpm is required for alternator?

The rpm required for an alternator will depend on the result that you want. At the very least, you will want 1200 rpm. The rpm's can go as high as 5000.

What would cause your 1995 Chevy s10 to idle at 3000 RPM when you start it?

vacuum leak. my 95 Monte Carlo did it. once in a while it would race to 2500 rpm then settle down like normal. not easy to find , but a cheap fix.

When you start a 1996 Monte Carlo 3.4 DOHC the idle jumps to 1200 rpm Is that normal for this motor if not what is wrong?

It is normal for the idle to be this high on a cold engine immediately after it is started. It should drop back to 1,000 or less in a few seconds. If not the fast idle solenoid could be bad.

What would cause 2002 dodge ram 4.7 to run at unusally high RPM when cold and after running a while go back to normal.?

it should be you T.P.S.. throttle position sensor that does that some time when it goes bad it will idle at higher r.p.m.s replaced it.....

Why your 93 lumina engine races really high when you start it coldIt idles down when temperature reaches normal?

cold engines hve high idles because the pcm is dumping fuel into the motor in order to increase engine operating temperature. when speified temperature is reached, the amount of fuel is decreased an the rpm drops down to the lower idle speed

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