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This could be caused by a larger or smaller diameter wheel/tire combination being used than the car originally had.

Could also be caused by the speedo being out of calibration itself and/or the speedo cable being stretched.

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What is the speed you read on a speedometer?

instantaneous speed. =)

You have a Camaro 94 z28 with the 110mph speedometer. Will the speed be wrong if you change it to the 150mph speedometer?

The speed should read fine with a GM speedometer, as the 110 and 150 are calibrated to go into the same cars with the same transmissions.

Why does the speedometer on my 1995 Nissan xe v6 truck jump around and read wrong?

check if it has a speedometer cable if not the speed sensor needs to be replaced

What is the speed you read from your speedometer called?

instantaneous speed

Does the speedometer of a car read average speed or instantaneous speed?

instantaneous speed

Does speedometer of a car read instantenous speed or average speed?

instantanous speed

Can you read the speed in reverse gear?

On the speedometer, no. It will indicate a speed but it will not be accurate.

What is the top speed on the 2006 Honda Civic digital speedometer?

The top speed is 128mph (2006 EX sedan). The speedometer would probably read 130. I drove it at 202 Kmp/h

Does speedometer of a car read instantaneous speed or average speed?

In a car, the speedometer measured Instantaneous speed. This comes from the assumption that the car does not slow down and speed up fast enough for the speedometer to be able to give an average of the changing speed.

Does the speedometer of a car read average speed or instaneous speed?

It reads the instantaneous speed.If you have noticed that the speedometer needle drops and rises with the drop and rise with the cars speed.

Does the speedometer of a car read instantaneous speed or average speed?

It measures the actual speed of the car at the time

What kind of speed is read by a car speedometer?

The average speed of the vehicle relative to the road.

Does a car has speedometer velocity are both?

A car has a speedometer. When you read the speed that it indicates, and you know the direction in which you're driving, then you know the car's velocity.

The speed you read on a speedometer is?

The speed you are travelling measured in miles per hour, or kilometers per hour, depending on where you live.

Why 1992 geo metro speedometer works but dont read proper speed?

Your alignment on the speedometer cable is off. This happens a lot on older Geos. Take it to a mechanic and have them speed test it and re fit it.

An automobile speedometer is configured to read speed proportional to the rotational speed of its wheels If larger wheels such as snow tires are used will the speedometer reading be high low or no dif?

Larger tires will make the speedo lower than actual speed.

How does tire size affect the speedometer in a car?

The speedometer in a car runs based off the speed of the transmission. The gears in the transmission spin at a known rate for the speed the vehicle is traveling at. The faster the gears spin the more the speedometer goes up. If a person replaces stock tires with larger tires, then the tires will spin slower, which will cause the speedometer to read at a value that is less than the actual speed.

Your speedometer wont read on your Mazda mx6 what sensor do you need?

VSS ( Vehical Speed Sensor ) located on your transmission

What causes the speedometer not to read on a 1999 cavalier?

Speed sensor...on the passenger side of the tranny where the axle enters the transmission.

How do you fix a broken speedometer in a 1996 acura integra it just stays on 0 and would that have anything to do with the check engine light coming on exactly when the speedometer broke?

read the code on the obd ,its more than likely the speed sensor,,,,thats gone out

What is wrong with a 1999 ZR2 Blazer when the speedometer skips and the service engine light comes on and off on long trips?

Get somebody to read the codes. there is a speed sensor that has to be replace in your vehicle and that is why the servie engine soon light come on because it is aware of the problem when the speed is jumping around.

What causes speedometer not to read right speed traveling?

Speedometers are not allowed by law to under-read, but are allowed to over-read by no more than 10%. So at a true 30mph, they can legally read anything between 30mph and 33mph. Because they read the speed via a sensor in the transmission, not the true speed of the vehicle across the ground, they have to be calibrated such that they under-read slightly when the vehicle is lightly laden and has brand new tyres fully inflated. As the tyres wear, and if they are slightly under-inflated, or compressed by a greater load in the vehicle, the speedometer will over-read by more.

During a certain period of time the speedometer of the car reads a constant 60 km per hr Does this indicate a constant speed?

If during that entire period of time the speedometer read 60, then the speed was constant in your relative inertial reference frame

Where is the speed sensor on a manual 1994 F150?

I'am not sure about your vehicle, but most have a cable that runs from your speedometer to the transmission. speed is read by a gear that spins the cable. most of the time the cable is simply broken and is pretty easy to replace. if you have a digital speedometer it is usually a simple two wire cord that runs from the side of trasnsmission to speedometer. either way speed is read off the transmission on my 93 f-150 the speedometer sensor is on the third member of the rear end. I have a 1995 F150 5.8 auto 4x4. My speed sensor is on the tail shaft of the transfer case.

Why does my Speedometer read faster than I am driving?

The size of tires can effect that accuracy of a speedometer. Larger tires will cause the speedometer to read less than you are actually going.