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If this happened immediately after replacing the starter, I would say the wires on the solonoid are connected wrong. It could be the switch but I think it is the wiring.

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Q: Why would the starter stay engaged all the time after it and the solenoid were replaced on a 1986 F150 if no wires are crossed?
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Functions of a solenoid pre-engaged starter motor?


96 tacoma starter engaged and burned up while driving Replaced with new starter 20 miles later doing it again?

Bad ignition switch or starter solenoid

Why does the car not turn over after starter solenoid is replaced?

If the car does not turn over after the solenoid is replaced, that means the problem was not the starter solenoid. The problems lays elsewhere in the electrical system.

How do you replace starter solenoid on Honda Element?

The starter solenoid on a Honda Element is integral to the starter. It cannot be replaced without replacing the starter as well.

Where is the starter solenoid on a 1990 Mazda Miata?

The starter solenoid is located on top of the starter. It is the small cylinder attached to the starter. It is a part of the starter which can be replaced/repaired independent from the starter itself.

Why does the starter for a four wheeler stay engaged when the key is off?

Starter solenoid is sticking. Replace it.

Why does the starter stay engaged on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

solenoid broken

Why would the starter stay engaged after vehicle starts on 92 Topaz?

Either the ign. switch is faulty, or the starter is faulty Or the starter solenoid is stuck closed, so the starter is constantly engaged and getting voltage from starter relay. If so you would need to replace the solenoid.

How can you tell the starter solenoid is bad?

Good power all the way to the starter, 12 volts at solenoid/start circuit wire when key engaged, but no click or starter engage

How do you change a starter solenoid on a 1983 Chevy silverado?

I DO BELIEVE THE SOLENOID IS MOUNTED ON THE STARTER AND YOU WOULD HAVE TO REPLACE THE STARTER TO REPLACE THE SOLENOID remove the starter and take it down to your local auto parts store. they can bench test the starter and give you the proper solenoid if it needs to be replaced.

I crossed the starter solenoid and it just clickswhat is the problem?

that test indicates that you need to replace the starter motor.if no clicking in this test , you would replace solenoid first. but clicking indicates solenoid works,so replace starter motor

How do you replace starter solenoid on a 1999 alero?

The starter solenoid can be replaced by removing the wiring harness. Remove the retaining nuts. The solenoid will come off. Reverse the process to install the new solenoid.

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