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The same air pressure is applied to both air bags so they should lift the same amount, however when the weight in the car is removed and the ride height is too high, the control unit opens the solenoids to vent some air. If the control unit only sends the vent signal to one solenoid or the wiring to one of the solenoids is bad, then only one would vent so the other side would stay high. Check wiring and connecters. If the air system is ok, it will still lean if of the car is heavier on one side or if one of the front springs is weak or broken. These are just guesses and I am assuming the limo is the same the cars I am familiar with. .

If the car does not have "air ride", Look for a broken spring, low tire pressure or a bad strut.

A broken Leaf spring would cause it to lean to one side.


Depending on what type of suspension you have (torsion bars, coil springs, solid axle,leaf spring, etc. It could be a worn spring( leaf or coil), broken torsion bar, or a broken steering knuckle .

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Q: Why would the suspension lean to one side?
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Check your springs and air bags.

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The top of the front springs sit into a notch on the upper control arm. If one of the springs isn't sitting into this notch, it will raise that side of the car. It also causes the opposite side rear of the car to push down a bit too. The spring on the"high" side may also be installed upside down, this will also cause a lean.

Can you adjust the air suspension so the Lincoln Navigator doesn't lean to one side? can adjust the front torsion bars. there is a bolt at the end on the bar which you will find underneath at about the end of the front door of the vehicle. simply tighten up the bolt a turn or two then drive the truck around the block and then check to see if it's evened out, if not you might loosen the bolt on the side that's higher and then drive the truck again then park it and see if it's all even now. there is not separate air shock ride height sensors for each side just one for front and back so you can't adjust the air shocks for side to side lean but the torsion bar adjustment should fix it if not then you might have a bad air shock on one side although you should have a pump the runs too much or a suspension light on if the shock is bad.

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On the Lincoln Continentals, the air suspension system works in sets of two. In the 1990 Continental (which I used to have) it was front and back. If one front air shock (or one rear one) has a serious leak, that end looses suspension. In the 1992 (which I have now) it is set up for side-to-side (passenger side or driver's side). If there is a leak anyplace on the driver's side, for instance, the whole side settles down to the fail-safe mode, which is still driveable. In fact, if you shut off the entire system (in the trunk), you will feel like you are riding in a Corvette.

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does both sides raise tho? if so and one side is higher than the other its because someone jacked your car up without turning off the air suspension switch, if this is so your going to have to take it to the dealer to get it calibrated from them. its pretty expensive from what i have herd.

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The Expedition can have the regular rear suspension...coil springs, shocks, etc or it could also have been equipped with air suspension. If yours is leaning to one side I'd bet you have air suspension and a bad air bag.