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Why would the tail lights work on a 1990 Camry but the brakes lights will not even after you replaced the bulbs and the fuse to the brakes?

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Check the switch at the brake pedal .

2007-01-23 16:43:33
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How do you replace dash lights on a 1999 Toyota Camry?

Do I need rubber like caps on new replaced bulbs in the dash

Why the head and brakes lights are not working on 98 Camry?

2 separate circuits Check fuses Check bulbs Check stoplight switch Do tailights and dash lights work? Maybe switch

Why wont my rear tail lights work after I replaced bulbs on my 1987 Toyota Camry?

make sure your bulbs are in the right way(tail light bulbs are polarity sensitve). Just remove the bulbs and twist them in the other way(you can do this with the lights on to check if the bulbs are good). Also, I know this is kinda simple, but check to make sure you plugged them back in (I've done it!)

What do you do if your tail lights do not work while driving though brake lights work fuses and bulbs are good?

on some cars the tail lights and brake lights are totally different bulbs gain access to the bulbs and have someone push the brakes so that you can determine which bulbs are the brake lights and replace the tail lights

Have power in brakes whilst driving but no rear lights replaced bulbs switch and fuse what else can be checked?

It would help us to know what make, model and year you have.

My 1992 Camry lights work except the low beams I changed bulbs now what?

Answer 92 Camry lightsThere's a fuse in the box on the drivers side inner fender by the battery.

Parking lights not working 92 Camry?

Check bulbs Check fuses Check switch

What is wrong with a 1996 Toyota Camry if taillights do not work you have checked all the fuses and replaced the bulbs daytime running lights work blinkers work headlights work brake lights work?

GO AND BUY I NEW light bulb !

Your night time running lights quit working you replaced every fuse but still nothing Why?

If the night running lights have failed the bulbs should be checked. Find the bulb housings and remove the parts. After the bulbs are replaced check the lights.

1989 Toyota Camry brake lights not working?

Check the bulbs, the fuse and the brake light switch.

High beam only works on driver's side replaced bulb and checked all fuses low beams work fine?

I just replaced my bulbs and I also have the same problem. I have a 99 Toyota Camry and replaced with 7000k Xenon bulbs? Have you found the solution yet?I had the same problem with my 94 Nissan Pathfinder, the turn signal switch needs to be replaced. I didn't find this until all my lights went out including my dashboard and the low beam was the only lights working.

Brakes lights on your 2001 Malibu won't work what should you do?

check the fuse then the bulbs then the brake switch

On your 95 z71 your dash lights and brakes do not work but all the other lights work You've replaced all the bulbs and checked the fuses what do you need to check?

You may have a connection problem with the junction between the cluster and the dash itself; I would check this carefully.

What do you do next when your 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora brakes lights won't work and you've replaced light bulbs and fuses and the brake pressure switch under the brake pedal?

Check, or even better replace, the wires.

Why would the brake lights on a 1985 Toyota Camry quit working?

Check bulbs Fuse Stop light switch

What if your 95 Lincoln Continental rear lights don't come on when front lights are on the come on only when you step on the brakes?

It would either be a bad wire in the circuit from the brake light switch on the brake pedal to the bulbs, OR the bulbs have 2 filaments in them and the one that comes on when you apply the brakes are worn out, OR someone put the wrong bulbs in(single filament). I would change the 2 bulbs first.

Why does the left flasher flash super fast when the lights are on and slow when you apply the brakes on an 02 Trailblazer bulbs are new left flasher arrow also lights up on dash when you brake?

short or wrong bulbs

The back up lights are out on 1999 Camry The bulbs are okay and license lights are OK.?

Check the cable, it gets broken especially in the places where you can see it or at its movable parts.

My brake lights on my 1990 Toyota Camry lx won't work my bulbs and fuses are good?

Check the wire which is going inside of the trunk hood to the brake lights.

Vauxhall astra brakes lights no working and its not bulbs of fuse any ideas?

switch at foot pedal perhaps?

What happened when on a 1991 talon some instrument bulbs were replaced and now the control knob lights don't work Fuses that were found are fine What next?

Make sure bulbs were replaced with EXACT replacements

How do you replace dash lights on 93 4 Runner?

The dash lights on a 93 Toyota 4Runner are replaced by removing the dash trim and panels. When the dash internals are exposed, the individual bulbs can then be replaced.

Why do my turn-signals and brake-lights work w lights off but when lights are on the turn-signals don't work right and nothing works when I hit the brakes?

You have a short, you also may have to check your bulbs i found on one of my blinkers the bulb was faulty, i replaced it and everything was all fine again.

Why wont all of the brake lights come on on a 745il.bulbs have been replaced?

use BMW bulbs and parts

1999 Chevy silverado brake lights don't work have replaced fuse and switch on pedal?

Check the bulbs,if not the bulbs you most likely have a bad ground.