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Check the cooling fans for proper operation. If ok, check the rad for being cloggeed.

as stated it sounds like you may have some blockage in your cooling system.You should have it flushed out properly and have it refilled.If your car has over 70,000km on it and it has not been done then you are due for it anyway.

Make sure you bleed the air out of it as well. Trapped air can cause the coolant to not circulate.

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Q: Why would the temperature gauge continue to elevate after adding coolant and after changing the thermostat in a 1998 Chevy Cavalier?
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The fan motor is controlled by a thermostat. When you turn off your car if the water temperature is higher then the thermostat is set for. the fan will continue to run until the temperature comes down then shut off. If the thermostat is faulty the fan will either run continually or not at all.

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There is a sensor on most modern cars which turns on the fan when the coolant temperature reaches a certain value. If this sensor is bad, the fan may run continously.

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The engine will overheat violently, serious damage can occur if you continue to run the engine.

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