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Sorry, not an answer, but another account. I have the same problem. It will read 50 degrees no matter what the temp is as its normal state. Sometimes though it will start to read accurately but seldom. I have also experianced negative readings and it'll drop 1 dgree at a time. When this happens, my air conditioning will start to blow warm. Then when ever it feels like it, severl minutes usually, it will start back up to 50 degrees and the cold air returns. It is driving me nuts! HELP! I finally took it to the dealer and it needed the Ambient Temperature Sensor needed changed. the part was under $4.00! To provide more clarification on this, as I just did it yesterday (12/3/2008), it takes maybe 2 minutes of time to change this part out and it cost me about $25 from a Chevy dealer. (Autozone wanted a couple bucks more for it) You will get a sensor and a bracket for it when you purchase it from a dealer, at least that is what my dealer had. Just take the sensor out of the bracket in order to install it and replace the the old one on your vehicle. There are 4 small push in style clips holding the sensor into the bracket. This is also the same way that the sensor will mount into the hole where it goes in your vehicle. To locate the area, go ahead and pop the hood, although you can see the sensor without doing this, you will need the hood up to disconnect the wires from the old sensor. It is just a plastic clip holding it on to the sensor so it is very easy to disconnect. Look through the front grill of the vehicle just to the right of the hood latch and you will see the tip of the sensor sticking out through a hole. You might be able to reach a finger through the grill to touch the sensor (near the top of the grill) or use a screwdriver to push it back out of the hole it is in. I unbolted the top cover over the grill, this is the topmost cover on the vehicle and has 2 bolts that can be unscrewed and I believe 3 plastic retaining pins holding it on. This made it easy to get to the sensor and unclip the wires from it. You should have no trouble putting the sensor back into the hole it came out of it. Takes longer to undo the cover than to actually change out the sensor.

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Q: Why would the thermometer always read 50 degrees for the outside temp on your 02 Trailblazer?
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