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Why would the trunk be leaking on a Buick Park Avenue?


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2006-06-25 20:27:59
2006-06-25 20:27:59

I just bought a 92 PA, and THEN looked below the spare tire cover..Surprise!!! 3 inches of water. There seems to be some water trapped inside the trunk lid seal, so I'm guessing it is entering uphill someplace, and running around the seal and exiting through one of the weep holes the in the seal.. Internet search also indicated it could be the power antenna (there was an alert about leaking loose power antennas), since I did notice mine was loose. On my 94 PA Ultra it was the rubber seal around the rear light assembly. Both left and right side. You have to remove the lights completely, clean and apply a silicon sealer/atv, Careful prying off the retainers from the plastic pins that hold the lights in place: they brake easily. UPDATE: Found the leak, just like the last poster said, between the tail light gaskets and the rear. A little sealant and all is well. Thanks! so was mine. Pull back the carpet on the rear trunk side - if there is water in the holes where the bulb wiring is, you have the leak 1993 Park avenue trunk leak is generally caused by dried rubber gasket between taillight assembly and trunk body. Trunk lid gasket is usually NOT source of leak 1. Pull interior carpet and trunk liner. 2.remove 10-12 10mm nuts 3. you may disconnect wiring now or easier after you gently pry the whole assembly about 8-12 inches away from car. Disconnect 2 taillight connectors and two license plate bulbs. 4. Buy new or gently remove two oval-rectangular gaskets (this is VERY MESSY - they use a 3M sealer). 5. Use silicon sealant between gasket and taillight AND between gasket and trunk body. 6. replace assembly onto trunk with nuts finger tight.(do not tighten) 7. replace wiring connectors. 8. wait 30 min. tighten some more. wait 2 hrs. snug up nuts. do not overtighten - it will distort the gaskets Surprise: I'm surprised you had standing water in the spare tire well, I thought there was supposed to be a "Weep Hole" to let that water out. TommyTrouble


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The lid seal is compromised. It'll have to be replaced.

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If you have an automatic release like I had on a 1994 Buick P.A. and it stopped working and would not close, I had to replace the latch assembly to make it a manual by getting a used one from the salvage yard. The trunk still closes today.

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