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depending on the type of car it usually means that a bulb is burnt out.

-It could also mean that one of your wires going to your turn signals is touching another wire that is "hot".

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Q: Why would the turn signal indicators on the dash stay on?
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On a 1985 Lincoln town car Why would the turn signal indicator in dash flash normally but the actual turn signal lights just stay lit until turn signal is turned off?

a bulb is out

If my left turn signal stays on all the time What could be the problem on a 1998 Dodge Avenger?

I've seen some turn signal dash indicators that stay on without flashing just when a bulb is burnt out. If the signal itself is flashing, and especially if the turn signal arm doesn't automatically retract when you turn, there may be a broken spring in the canceling cam inside the steering column.

Why would the left and right turn signal lights stay lit?

Bad turn signal flasher.

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Why would your dash lights stay on and your parking lights and brake lights 79 Corvette?

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Where is the signal light flasher?

Hey Robert= It depends on what kind of car you have but most are either in the wiring under the dash close to the steering coluimn or in the fuse panel. GoodluckJoe what is the problem if the signal ligth stay on no flasher. new bulbs

What causes the turn signal on the left to stay lit and not flash in the front and back on a 1997 Chevy Camaro?

One of the bulbs likely burnt out. When the indicator light on the dash remains solid (does not flash) it means that a turn signal or marker light is out

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Why does my Turn signal stay on constantly?

check the multifunction (turn signal) switch

What would cause all the dash warning lights to come on and stay on on 1992 ES300?

It was my alternator, needed rebuild.

Mazda 323F 16i 1991 The engine runs but there is no turn signal indicator light no light in the dash board when I start the car but there is the emergency light what is the problem?

it starts but the oil light stay on

Why does your right rear flasher stay on 1999 jeep grand Cherokee?

check and make sure all the lights are on like if a turn signal is out in the front then the signal will stay on in the back when you turn the turn signal on.

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