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Why would the turn signals and brake lights stop working on a 1998 Sunfire It has wiring for a trailer would this be a prob?


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First check the fuse block there is an access panel located just inside the drivers side dooron the side of the dash, locate the proper fuses to check using the diagram provided on the inside of the access door panel. If those fuses are O.K. check under the hood, to the left side as you are facing the vehicle, there is another fuse block, it is clearly identified by a daigram on the top of the plastic cover. It is right along the fender. check the fuses here, most likely the one marked "Battery 2".


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check for power at the trailer connector.

Brake lights and turn signals are on a separate circuit from the tail lights. Tail lights are on the same circuit with the dashboard lights. If the dashboard lights aren't working either, check the fuse. If they ARE working, check the headlight switch.

The bulbs should be checked on a 1993 Dodge Dakota if the taillights are not working. The plugs on the trailer package should also be checked to make sure that they are working.

On my 98 sunfire, the tail lights and marker lights only work if you turn on the headlights. If only the daytime lights are on, the Pontiac on the trunk is illuminated but no other lights at the rear until brakes or turn signals are activated. This is common with a lot of vehicles out there. Daytime running lights are not necessarily the same candle power as the headlights. I can tell a big difference in mine.

check the connection were the trailer wires are wired in back by the hitch had it happen on a 96 99 01 all the same problem

If the vehicle is equipped with a trailer light plug, the wires for the brake lights and the turn signals have been connected together, which is common, as many trailers do not have separate lights for brakes and turn signals.

Check the bulbs, check the fuse then check the switch.

Fuse is blown light connector is unplugged ground wire on trailer disconnected

Lights are required on every trailer

I would first check the grounding between the truck and the trailer. If the ground is good then bulbs would be the next thing to check.

if turn signals are working , and brake lights not working, i would replace the stop light switch on the brake pedal

You do not have the trailer lights connected properly.

Replace the flasher relay if the lights come on but do not flash.

I would check the running lights for one with a short. I had the same sort of thing with my trailer and I spent way to much time troubleshooting the brake and signal wires. Turns out a running light bulb connector was grounding out on the trailer and messing it all up.

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