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Why would the turn signals on a 2002 Chevy Malibu only work part time?


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there is a recall on the hazard switch call the gm dealer

AnswerThe recall on the hazard switch only applies to the 2001 Malibu. It is accessible by removing the front dash panel. It's located behind the hazard button. Actually the hazard button is part of the switch assembly. AnswerI just had the same problem fixed on my '02 Malibu and it was the Hazard switch. AnswerI had the same problem on my '02 Malibu it was the hazard switch too. This should be a recall. AnswerThe flasher is built on to the hazard switch. Flashers go out occasionally, like fuses and lamps. This does not mean they should do a recall. They don't do a recall for your headlights because they burned out, or recall your gas tank because it ran out of gas. It is a disposable part, buy a replacement.

However, it would be nice if they put the flasher in the fuse box where it would be easily accessible, instead of behind plasic molding that makes up the dash. I was able to put off fixing it for a long time by turning my hazards on and off if the turn signal was not coming on ( this worked every time for me to get my turn signal to work again for a while).

When you guy buy the part, if you plan on doing this relatively simple repair on your own, some stores say that the flasher is part of the body control module. You do not have to replace the body control module. They don't know what they are talking about.


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