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Why would the whole car shake when going 60 to 70 MPH?


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2004-07-10 11:05:04
2004-07-10 11:05:04

Hey Nadine==It could very well be a miss in the engine. A good tune up with a compression check may find the answer. An out of round tire can balance good but run rough on the road. Goodluckjoe


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Need more info. Does just the engine run rough or does the steering shake or does the whole vehicle shake betwen 50 and 55 mph?

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Normally this is caused by a tire out of balance or a bent wheel.

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The symptom would indicate a wheel/tire/balance problem. You need to have a professional inspect if you are driving at those speeds. also make sure if you drive at 120+ mph, you have "Z" rated tires for safety.

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