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Why would the windshield wipers stay on in a 1992 Ford Econoline van?

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Most likely it's the motor assembly. There is an internal switch that keeps the motor running until the wiper blades are in the "park" position. If the internal switch fails, the wiper will continue to run or will turn off wherever the blades are when you turn off the wipers. Either can happen when the wiper internal switch fails.

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How do you replace the windshield wipers on a 1992 Toyota pickup truck?

replaceing windshield wipers toyota truck

How do I get the windshield wipers on my 1992 Toyota Camry to work?

switch them on

Why would my windshield wipers and power locks stop working on my 1992 Jeep Laredo?

burnt fuses

On 1992 Toyota Pickup what would cause the windshield wipers and washer to not work?

most likely the fuse is blown

Where can you find a switch for windshield wipers for 1992 Toyota Camry?

Dealer, e-bay, or salvage yard.

How do you turn on headlight wipers on a 1992 Mercedes 300?

They come on when you turn on the windshield washer, but only when the headlights are turned on.

Replace blower motor on 1992 Mercedes 300e?

under the hood.. by the windshield wipers.. it blows in .. doesn't suck through.

When was Econoline Crush created?

Econoline Crush was created in 1992.

How do you change windshield wipers on a 1992 Ford F150?

release the blade from the pin on the arm How do you get the blade to release? Where is this pin located? Do you push on it?

Where is the fuse for the windshield wipers on a 1992 vandera 2500 van?

My husband says it is in the fuse box which is located under the dash on the left side.

How to change Windshield wipers 1992 Chevy Caprice?

are you serious... life blade off windshield, unclip plastic fastener off the center of the wiper arm, remove wiper, replace in reverse order.

Why do windshield wipers on 1992 corvette bang together?

The wipers are timed when installed so they pass about an inch apart in the middle. Unless a longer wiper arm has been used, then you need to return to OEM part.

Why doesnt window washer work in 1992 Town Car Wipers work ok but washer doesn't work?

need windshield washer motor

Where is the headlight relay located on a 1992 Cadillac DeVille?

The fuse is next to the parking brake. If it has a relay, its in the under hood relay box near the windshield wipers.

How do you fix windshield wipers after you have replaced the switch and wiper motor and they still don't work on a 1992 ford escort?

Have you checked to make sure the fuse is good?

What would be wrong if when you shut off the engine of your 1992 Grand Marquis and your windows and windshield wipers still work What could this be?

Can you still turn the radio on and other accessories? If so then I would say that the ignition switch is bad. It is not properly stopping the current anymore. Hope this helps.

How do you fix the door cables on a 1995 ford econoline?

diagram for replacing cable to door handle latch 1992 for econoline van

What is the firing order for a 1992 Ford Econoline van?

What is the engine size?

Located where is the fuel pump on a 1992 econoline van?

In the fuel tank

What is the lug pattern for a 1992 Ford Econoline van?

8 on 6.5

How do you fix rear windows on 1992 Lincoln town car?

You replace it like you would a windshield.

How do you find the windshield wiper relay if there is one on a 1992 Chevy Lumina?

Yes, there is a windshield wiper relay on a 1992 Chevy Lumina. The windshield wiper relay is located in the underhood fuse panel.

Where is the combination switch located on a 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

The combination, or multi function switch is the switch you use to turn on the blinkers, the windshield wipers, and cruise control. Oh and it's on the steering column, left side.

Where is the windshield washer pump on 1992 Ford Taurus?

It is at the bottom of the windshield washer tank. Not easy to get at.

Does 1992 Ford E-150 Econoline van have carburetor?

No, fuel injection.

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