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Why would the windshield wipers stop working when the turn signal is used on a 1984 Crown Victoria?


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2006-07-07 03:22:09
2006-07-07 03:22:09

You probably have a faulty multi-function(turn siganl) switch.


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Windshield wipers don't work

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Windshield wipers are an important safety feature on cars. They stop working when their motor goes out, or when the blade is too worn out.

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A bad fuse may be the cause of windshield wipers not working on a 1998 Lumina. The switch that activates the wiper motor is another possible cause for the wipers not working.

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The most common cause that windshield wipers stop working is a blown fuse. The windshield wiper motor may need to be changed is also common.

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Yes because if a fuse is too strong, it may damage the electrical system

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