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In my experiences with these problems it is either your brakes if it is only when your moving or if the squeaking is there at an idle stop, it is possible that your belt is "drying" out and a simple fix would be to spray any type of lubricant or some soapy water on the belt. Either will fix the squeaking. And if it is your brakes it could be a number of things like rotors, pads, bearings, or even low brake fluid. the noise is probably there all the time, but just cant hear it moving at higher speeds. try a complete chassis lube to remove squeaks if it is a belt it is more likely to be a squeal not a squeak. my car is having this same issue. the squeak sounds like its 1 time per tire rotation and it fades away with more speed. now i just need to find a guide on checking break system apparently...thanks for your great troubleshooting tips!

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Q: Why would there be a squeaking sound when driving under 45 mph?
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Can the fan belt cause a squeaking sound?

would the fan belt on a v8 motor cause squeaking

What would cause a squeaking sound coming from the driver door when turning either way or hitting a bump?

This squeaking noise is just the body of the car under pressure. It is nothing to worry about.if you are still concerned take it to your local garage at get them to look at it.

Why would a Ford Fiesta make a squeaking sound?

because of the alternator drive belt loosing

What would cause a squeaking sound when I turn on the car?

An old belt getting wet. Get it changed out.

What would cause a squeaking sound when turning left or right in a 2003 F-250?

Worn ball joints?

What would be the cause of high pitched squeaking whistling sound in front right when driving in 2003 Grand Cherokee Limited V8 engine?

Sounds like a brake wear indicator. If it changes while braking then it is. Recommend a brake inspection.

Why would your car make a squeaking noise when putting it in gear from park Squeaking sound also happens when going over small bumps at slow speeds and sometimes when brake is released.?

Dirty brake pads could cause a car to make a squeaking noise when putting the car in gear or when releasing the brakes. Cleaning, sanding, or replacing the brake pads should make the sound stop.

Why would there be squeaking in the steering wheel of a Saturn Vue no power steering fluid is required.?

It is possible a family of mice have nested there and that is the squeaking sound you here. that is the most stupidest answer ever if u don't know the answer u shouldn't open your mouth....

What would be the likely cause of a squeaking sound on the passenger side only when the car is going over 20 MPH?

Bad CV joint on the axle maybe?

What would cause a squeaking sound when car hits the bumps and when turning steering wheel?

could be struts and or strut brg plate that mounts the strut at the top

Your radio will come on but there is no sound from the speakers?

This happened to me when i was installing a new one. Check ALL of the fuses under the hood and the under the driver side panel near where your left foot would go when driving

My 2001 olds alero is making a loud grinding sound under left tire while driving?

my guess would be to have your brakes checked... or maybe you are dragging something...

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