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There is no air in groundwater. If there is air in your well water lines then either your pump or foot valve is at static water level and sometimes sucks air, - or there is a small leak in the pipe which will both admit air and leak water, depending on pressure. If you are using a Jet-pump at a well shed, air leaks are quite common. Most people do not know how to properly attach water pipes to fittings. It is also possible that the down pipe into the well has vertical cracks. This too is common certain kinds of pipe.

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-Air in pipes is due to faulty connections or pump entry being at water level ( instead of deeper) and sucking air.

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Q: Why would there be air in your well water lines?
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Air in water lines from private well?

natural gas?

What causes air to get in water lines?

Usually the well pump sucking air in with water due to low water levels.

If you have well water would a crack in the PVC pipes cause air in the pipes?

Any break or leak on the suction side of your pump can cause air in the lines.

What happens if the snifter valve goes bad on the well system?

I think that is what caused my water lines to have too much air in the water

Why would just the upstairs faucets sputter when first turned on?

Air in the water lines to the upstairs. Not enough water pressure.

How do you remove air from water lines?

Install hammer arrestors at the highest point of the water lines.

What makes water sputter come out of your faucets when a toilet flushes?

Excessive air unsepararted in the supply lines collects at your fixtures. Contact your water supplier about the problem. If you are on a privte well, there are devices which remove this air entrainment. yepper...air in your pipes...Private well?

How do you get air out of water line?

There are many places to get air out of water lines by removing a fitting temporarily.

Why Water pipes shakes when water is not running?

You may have air in your water lines

Why does your water flow in spurts occasionally especially your outside spigot if your well is fairly new and your air tank has good pressure?

Its just air in the lines, nothing serious...

How do you remove air in hot water lines?

air in water lines usally accur when the water in turned off for some reason,just let the water run in a tub for 5 min. air in water lines that make your pipe rumble, you need air chamber installed. its called water hammer turn of all hot faucets and run till air stops coming out and steady stream of water comes out.

What is the purpose of an air chamber in a water line?

To remove and/or prevent "Water Hammering" in your water lines.

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