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excessive shaking when applying brakes points to brake rotars being out of round, cracked or warped. have rotors machined

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Why steering wheel and tires shaking when stepping on brakes?

Most common cause is warped rotors.

Is stepping on the brakes of a moving car an example of acceleration?

Stepping on the brakes of a moving car is an example of

Is stepping on the brakes of a moving train an example of acceleration?

Is stepping on the brakes of a car acceleration. That would be deceleration.

When stepping on brakes air releases do you bleed the brakes?


What causes chirping noise when stepping on brakes in Nissan Sentra?

he he he

What makes brakes vibrate when stepping on the peddle on a 2004 Kia Sorento?

Check the brakes. You may need new rotors. You didnt say how hard you stand on the brakes because if you are heavy on them it could be the abs unit working properly

What causes shaking in front end when brakes applied?

warped rotors

How do I keep my steering wheel from shaking when my brakes are applied?

Have the front rotors turned on a lathe at a dealership. check brakes and rotors

Steering wheel shakes when stepping on brakes?

You probably have rusty/scored brake rotors.

What makes steering wheel shake when stepping on the brakes?

If its shaking side to side could be a tire out of balance or maybe a mechanical issue (wheel bearing, alignment, etc). Probably not a safety issue, but it can wear the tires out prematurely which can be expensive. Warped brake rotors are the most likely cause if the steering wheel only shakes when applying the brakes.

Why do front clearance light comes on when stepping on the brakes?

Bad ground in brake light circuit

Why does the engine die when stepping on the brakes 1973 Chevy 350 engine?

Sounds like a vacuum leak.

Changed rotors and brakes on 2000 Malibu ls and a shaking started?

Check the lug nuts

The front end of 1995 Toyota tocoma 4wd is shaking Tires rotated and good brakes Starts at 65 mph and get worse as you try to slow down?

If it shakes only when the brakes are applied, its the brakes. Just because they are "good" and stop the truck well doesn't mean they are balanced and wont cause a vibration.

What should you avoid doing when covering the brake?

You should avoid be nervous, or shaking, because you might just accidentally slam the brakes, and kill you and your family from a car accident...just saying...

Why car shaking Toyota Corolla?

The Corolla could be shaking for many reasons. Start by checking the wheel bearings and brakes for wear. Then check the engine to see if it running rough, causing the shake.

Why does my 2003 Saturn vue shake at 40-50 mph?

I needed new brakes when my 2003 Vue shook at 50mph. Once I had the back brakes changed the shaking stopped.

Why does a car stall when stepping on brakes causes my volts to drag down and kills the engine?

Check for vaccuum leaks this could be your problem.

What is causing shaking in front of 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Warped Rotors on your Front Brakes. Have them turned or purchase new ones.

Why do car brakes get hot they are new brakes?

Because brakes create friction, and heat is a byproduct of friction.

Jeep is shaking when hitting on brakes?

Sounds like the rotors are warped from getting too hot. Time to have to old one turned or replaced.

How do you fix locked up brakes?

Are you talking about seized brakes? As in the wheels no longer turn because the brakes are stuck? or.......?

What cases an engine to come to a shaking stall at a red light but run smooth while driving?

idler may be set too low...causing the car to stall out. from a dead stop in a car with an automatic transmission you should be able to let off the brakes and the car will accelerate on it's own (without you stepping on the gas) to at least 10 mph if not closer to 20 mph.

What do you do if your computer brakes?

Don't stomp on the accelerator, because with no brakes you couldn't stop.

How can you put car in gear and brakes are out?

If the brakes are out then you have no business putting it in any gear because it is unsafe to drive a car with no brakes.