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Why would there be oil in the radiator and no water in it?


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2004-07-09 13:38:04
2004-07-09 13:38:04

Bad Head Gasket. See a mechanic ASAP..

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It means that your engine oil is mixing in with your radiator fluid. You probably have water in your oil too. I would take it in and have it fixed.

the thick liquid would plug your radiator and ruin your water pump. and destroy your engine.

You did not say what you are working on, YEAR AND ENGINE SIZE. But in most cases or designs the water pump can not leak oil into the coolant. The water pump has nothing to do with the engine oil. Does the engine have a engine oil cooler on it ? That would be 2 oil lines just above the oil filter that runs down the side of the engine oil pan a go to the radiator. There are tubes inside of the radiator that oil flows through and they are none to leak oil into the engine coolant that's inside of the RADIATOR. If they are leaking then REPLACE RADIATOR. BUT like I said I don't know what you are working on. Would like to help you with your problem, But need more INFO. NEUTZ.

if this vehicle is automatic,the most likely cause would be the transmission fluid cooler. it is a tank inside the radiator that cools the transmission fluid. if by any reason the tank leaks it would contaminate your water/coolant/antifreeze. answer a cracked head will allow oil into water jacket in head, going from there thru to radiator if it was a bad head gasket, u would have water in oil instead

You have a blown headgasket or cracked cylinder head/engine block. It can also be a leak at the oil cooler. Its at the oil filter mounting, check that 1st.

(Oil floats) mostly mixes with the water forming emulsion which clogs the radiator.

sounds like you have a cracked head or cracked block.however, i would check to make sure it is not transmission oil and thereby ruling out a radiator problem

If it is a water-filled or oil-filled radiator, it will leak fluid.

Pressurized oil lines go from the block through to the head. If the head gasket is leaking at that point and allowing a small amount of pressurized oil to seep between the line and the coolant jacket you could get oil in the radiator. Another possibility is that perhaps someone used water pump lubricant which is nothing more than an emulsified oil (oil blended with water). Over time the oil can separate from the coolant and that might be all you're seeing, especially if it isn't much oil. If it's RED oil it could be comming from the transmission cooler line. That runs through one of the radiator tanks and if the transmission line is leaking you could certainly get oil in the radiator... but it' would be red.

If its engine oil I would say head gasket or cracked head. Also check under the oil fill cap for a milky color. You can also run the car a few minutes remove the radiator cap see if it smells like gas . Most shops use what they call a sniffer but, Ive found that I can smell the exhaust in the radiator. More than likely head gasket answer is the car automatic? if it is , have your radiator checked to see if transmission fluid is leaking into radiator from oil tank at bottom of radiator if it is engine oil and not transmission oli, you have a cracked head allowing oil to seep into the water chamber a bad head gasket allows water into engine oil, not oil into water

Overheating, oil in the water of radiator, water in the oil. Less power.

If your car has an oil cooler that's part of the radiator then the most probable reason would be that it's sprung a leak there. You may also have a blown head gasket, which is something that also can open up a connection between coolant flow and oil flow.

How much oil is in the radiator? just a tiny amount or a good thick layer? It's possible that they are leaking in to each other, but the sealed nature of the radiator means that the levels stay about the same in both systems, they just exchange fluids. If there is water in th oil system it may not be present when you inspect the filler cap as water has greater density than oil and would therefore be at the bottom of your oil tank. It may be worth draining your oil tank and checking for water in the oil as it exits through the sump drain valve. Alternatively take your car in for a service including an oil & filter change (not expensive) and ask them to check for leaks while they're doing the change. Whatever the outcome, it's not good to have water in your oil system as this can cause problems, but it's not such a problem to have oil in the radiator. But always best to find the root cause just in case its something more serious.

if you have tansmission cooling lines or oil cooling lines that go into the radiator, the cooler in side might have a hole in it.

No an overheating engine will be due to leaking coolant, a faulty radiator, a faulty water pump, lack of oil or oil that needs to be changed

You probably will get some coolant in the engine oil. It would be best to drain the radiator and block before disassembly.

You have a leak and a large one. If you or a cheap store just changed oil, then they may not have attached the Oil Filter or the Oil Pan Plug correctly. If you leave off an O-ring or don't lube the gasket on the oil filter, then it could leak. Generally this will not leak very fast. The oil pan plug is at the bottom of the oil system and it would leak out all of the oil. Check your radiator water. Sometimes an engline will leak oil into the coolant system and it will be carried to your radiator. This will turn the water a chocolate milk color.

The transmission oil cooler is located in the radiator. A leak that allows oil in the radiator will also allow coolant to enter the transmission doing great harm. Check the transmission , after driving and the oil is hot water vapor will come out of the dip stick tube.

you might need to check the water in the batter, engine coolant, radiator, oil.

no it shouldn't but you will be losing water, and more than likely will be getting into the engine oil.

it would be caused by getting water in the engine make sure your radiator has fluid/water . If it doesn't then your water pump is bad. Which means your getting water in the engine...

A cracked radiator will NOT put water in the engine and make the oil milky. A bad head gasket WILL put water in the engine and make the oil look milky. That does not neccessarily mean you have a bad engine. Have someone fix or replace the radiator and replace the head gasket. It could be a good engine for a long time yet

because your radiator water is leaking into your oil somewhere, could be a head gasket or a crack in the cylinder block between the water jackets & oil jackets, check out your radiator water condition chances are you will also have "foaming" there as well, the "foaming occures because oil & water doesnt mix & when you heat up the two liquids togather you will get a foam reaction as the water absorbs more heat than the oil therefor there is a difference in the tempretures between the two liquids in the same container. Get your car looked at by a mechanic.

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