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Why would there be oil in your antifreeze you have a 1995 Chevy big block truck?

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The most common reason would be a ruptured oil cooler in the radiator. Check to see if you have oil lines going to the radiator, if you do, you need a radiator. Also, don't forget to change the anti-freeze because it will be contaminated. Don't forget to check your transmission for contamination also, as Transmission Fluid also runs on the outer region of your radiator to cool the transmission fluid.

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Why would I have antifreeze in the oil of my 1999 5.3 Chevy engine?

You could have a cracked engine block.

I have a 1995 Chevy big block one ton truck. Why would there be oil in the antifreeze?


Can I install a big block Chevy in a 1996 dodge ram truck?

Yeah, but, I would use the Chevy trans, as well. You will have to fabricate everything.

What would cause oil to leak into the antifreeze reservoir on a Chevy Venture?

If it is motor oil in the anti freeze, then it is either a cracked head, cracked engine block, or a head gasket blown. If it is transmission fluid in your antifreeze, then the radiator is leaking from the transmission cooler ----- although usually that would cause antifreeze to be in your transmission fluid.

Would a 1996 Chevy truck 4l60e transmission fit in 1997 Chevy truck?


Why would a Semi truck have antifreeze in oil?

Cracked injector cups.

1970 Chevy motor fit in a 1997 Chevy truck?

yes, they use the same block design and block mounting though those years. you would just need motor mounts for a 97 as thickness and offset differ slightly.

Can a 460 Ford big block fit in a 1952 Chevy 3100 pickup truck?

Yes, but I would use the C6 tranny too.

Will a door off of a 95 Chevy truck fit a 94 Chevy truck?

YES. That would be a direct swop.

Does a 1977 Chevy Truck have drums or rotors?

A 1977 Chevy pickup truck would have rotors in front and drums in the rear

Would a 5 lug new Chevy truck fit and old 5 lug Chevy truck?

yes it will fit

Can you tell me what would make my oil pressure and volt gauge quit working in a 2004 Chevy truck?

Check for a fuse in fuse block marked gauges.

What would cause your 427 big block 5 speed Chevy truck to die when you punch it?

Low fuel pressure, stoped up fuel filter.

Can you put a 1970 Chevy small block engine in a 2003 Chevy truck?

It would bolt in, however, that entire vehicle is run by computer, and would not even start, without completely rewiring it, even if you could get by the smog laws you would be breaking by doing this.

What transmission does a 1990 Chevy truck have?

That would be the 700R4

Will a1990 Chevy truck transmition fit in 1989 Chevy truck if both are 350 v8 4x4?

YES, That would be a direct swop.

When is it time to change the antifreeze in your Chevy Silverado Truck?

I usually change it when I do the oil. But it would depend on how much you drive and how you drive. If its no longer green/orange probably time to change it. The cleaner you keep it the better the run.

What would win in a race a truck with a 454 big block or a 350 small block?

The 454 it would have better acceleration

Where is block heater located on 2001 4.3 gmc truck?

There are no block heaters on gasoline trucks. Dielsel trucks have them on the bottom of the engine block so that heat rises. And if there is one installed on the truck there would be an outlet cord in the grill of the truck.

Will a 400 engine from a 79 Chevy truck fit into an 89 Chevy truck?

It could, but why would you want to? From 87 onwards, Chevrolet went to Throttle Body Injection (TBI), which was a far superior system to carburetion. IMO, you'd be better off to drop in a TBI big block (the 400 was a small block, and ceased production in 1980, long before TBI became a thing).

Does a 1989 Chevy 350 5.7 liter have a big or small block?

That would be a small block.

What is faster a 1997 Chevy truck or a 2001 Chevy truck?

I would say the 2001 would win if it was 5.7 vs 5.3 because the newer 5.3 i believe has more horsepower. but it would depend on gearing.

How do you install a small block Chevy V8 engine 305 or 350 in a 1980 Chevy full size truck?

Best bet would be to pick up a factory service manual or one of the aftermarket manuals such as Chilton's, Motor's, or Haynes.

Will a 1985 Chevy truck frame fit a 2008 Chevy truck body?

You would have to do a lot of modifying on the body mounts. and a whole lot of other things.

Can you replace a Chevy truck 1993 L05 350 with a 1992 Z28 L98 350 block and heads using 93 intake tbi etc and the starters have a different bolt pattern is this of any concern?

yes you can but you would need to mod. the block.

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