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They would only do that if there was a serious medical condition putting the baby at risk. This may mean you have low amniotic fluid, or your blood pressure or other symptoms indicates preeclampsia or another infection that could endanger you or your baby.

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Q: Why would they induce labor 6 weeks early?
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How can you induce labor at 34 weeks?

Why would you want to induce labor that early? The babys lungs are not ready yet. Let it come on its on , at least wait until 37 weeks.

Why would they induce labor 3 weeks early?

Normally they would only induce labour if they have suspected a problem with you or the baby these can be a range of problems. Or they would induce labour if you have had previous babies which have been too big to deliver and caused tearing. Therefore they may induce you early so you have a normal sized baby.

How can induce labor at 26 weeks of pregnant?

Now why would you want to do that? A baby born that early would be at great risk, both at birth and at developing life long handicaps.

Im 26 weeks prregnant what can i do to induce labor?

why in the world would you want to induce at 26 weeks? your baby will probably die. you should have used birth control.

If you are 36 weeks pregnant and ready to have your baby what can you do to induce labor?

You are not "ready to have your baby" if you are only 36 weeks. It would be dangerous for your baby, who would be born a preemie.

Im 35 weeks pregnant ive been 2cm dialated for almost 2 weeks and you want to induce your labor is it a good idea to induce your labor by having sex or how should you induce your labor?

sex and walking is good try squats and stairs but i would wait till you are at least 38 weeks, just so make sure your babys lungs are fully developed p.s. i have herd male sperm helps soften the cervics

Can Castor oil induce labor when your 38 weeks pregnant?

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Don't use castor oil to try and induce labor as the side effects are not worth it, plus there isn't any actual proof that is will work. If you are looking for safe and effective, painless way to induce labor at home then maternity acupressure may be for you. Check out this website, I bought the book, only $29 and it worked great, well worth the cost of the book. I was 41 weeks along, the best part it actually helped reduce the pain of labor and it was well worth the cost of the book to finally meet my beautiful baby boy. I would suggest that you check with your OB/GYN before trying to induce labor at only 39 weeks though.

What can speed the labor process when in ealry labor at 36 weeks 3cm and 70 effaced?

If you are looking for safe and effective, painless way to induce labor at home then maternity acupressure may be for you. Check out this website, I bought the book, only $29 and it worked great, well worth the cost of the book. I was 41 weeks along, the best part it actually helped reduce the pain of labor and it was well worth the cost of the book to finally meet my beautiful baby boy. I would suggest that you check with your OB/GYN before trying to induce labor at only 39 weeks though.

At how many weeks is it safe to drink caster oil to induce labor?

Im not sure but when I had my daughter I took caster oil on my due date and ate spciy food and drank a glass of red wine and walked a lot and went into labor that night. I did everything others had told me to do to induce labor instead of just one of them. I would wait till 38 wks for sure to start trying.

How can YOU induce labor at 31 weeks?

This is 9 weeks premature and is not medically advisable. It would be irresponsible of us to provide an answer for something that's this dangerous. If due to some special circumstance your physician feels that it would be a good idea in your particular case, he'll know what to do already.

Will castor oil actually induce your labor within hours?

It MAY induce your labor.. old wives tale. I have never heard of anyone that it actually worked on but it WILL give you severe diarrhea! I would not try this one. Walking is the best thing to speed up your labor.

Do you have to induce labor before a c-section while awake?

If your OB scheduled a date for your c-section you would not need to go into labor.

Can you induce labor at 28 weeks?

A baby would usually be delivered by caesarean section at 28 weeks but, as they still have a high chance of not surviving or suffering from cerebral palsy if they did survive - this would only be done to save mothers or baby's life and never because mum is fed up of being pregnant. NHS Obstetrician

Could a woman have labor induced 2 weeks early because of backache or is it more likely that she fibbed about how far along she was?

I don't think they would induce someone because of back pains. But two weeks early isn't always early. The due date can be off by two weeks before or after. It is an educated guess. I can't guess if she fibbed about the due date or not because two weeks isn't a lot when counting the due date. I am 43 years of age I had my 1st pregnancy a year ago... My doctor induced my labor because of lower back pain... Regardless of when this women had sex, due dates are not exact a women can go into labor up to 3 weeks (37 weeks pregnant) befor her due date or 2 weeks post due date (42 weeks) and still be considered full term.. If the guy is so worried that the baby isn't his then maybe he should get a paternity test done... If He has already put his name on the birth certificate, and the baby isn't his then he'll be legally obligated regardless of the child's paternity.. I was with my last one. I couldn't sleep and they reasoned that it was better to induce me and me have the energy to push him out, then to keep him in and have me too exhausted to do it. I apologize for not mentioning that this woman was 42 years old at the time of conception, and the man that she claimed was the father had used a condom the one time they had sex. Do you think that would make a difference? I have always heard that a physician wouldn't dare induce labor on a high risk pregnancy. Thank you for your answer! Actually a physican will induce labor if he/she chooses to regardless of it being high risk or no. I have several friends who have had preeclampsia and/or gestational diabetes and the majority were induced. Now the behavior of this particular lady is rather suspicious. But honestly, as a pregnant woman being 39 weeks, my doctor has already suggested stripping my membranes to help me out since my child has been dropped for some time and my pubic bone and entire pelvis is so sore I cannot sleep for more than 2 hours a night.

What can be used to induce a miscarriage if detected early enough?

..i had a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks and was told the fetus was the size of 6 weeks. My doctor told me i was a perfect candidate to induce labor with medication that you insert vaginally. Within one hour i had horrible contractions and started bleeding heavily along with clots. Within a half hour of the bleeding my fiance found me in the bathroom unconcious and not breathing...he somehow got me and my two sons{who happen to be disabled} to the hospital where i spent 3 hrs in the E.R and the fetus was removed. I spent two days in the hospital and was told i had lost so much blood that my organs were shutting down and needed blood transfusions. It took me over 3 months to feel back to normal..i really would consider a D&C over anything that makes your body induce labor.

If you are 35 weeks' pregnant and 1 cm dilated and about 40 percent effaced and having strong contractions would taking castor oil help move things along?

At 35 weeks why would you want to hurry things along? You will birth a preemie with complications if you deliver now. It is unsafe to induce or encourage labor before 39 weeks unless you have specific medical complications that make continuing the pregnancy unsafe.

Would a doctor induce labor a month early because the baby isn't growing any bigger in the womb or is she lying to me about her due date?

My now ex-wife, tried to get me to believe that to. I'm not accusing anyone of anything but i would get a paternity test just to make sure

What would cause an Obstetrician to induce labor?

There are various reasons labor may be induced by an Obstetrician. The main reason is to avoid complications of the birth. Another reason is a late birth.

You are 37 weeks dilated 2 centimeters and 60 percent effaced and you want to know about inducing labor with castor oil?

Why would you want to induce your labor? There is a very good reason that pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks -- your baby NEEDS every bit of that time to become healthy and strong. I've been there and understand your impatience but give your baby its best chance and let nature take its course. You won't be sorry!!!

You are 15 weeks pregnant if you eat pineapple would your baby be harmed?

Not in small quantities. Pineapple contains something called Bromelain which is said to soften the cervix which can help induce labor. But the quantity needed would be pretty large. And each individual handles things differently. If you are concerned, consult your physician.

Do high estrogen levels help induce labor?

The ant. pit. gland secretes a large amount of estrogen into your body which starts the labor proces. So yes I believe it would.

Would they induce you at 36 weeks due to very bad back pain and stree of a 3 year old and a husband who is just as bad?

Not unless it was life threatening either for you or for the baby. Most doctors wait until at least 38 to 39 weeks before they will induce. Some wait until after 40 weeks, but thankfully mine is not one of them... :)

You are 30 weeks 4days pregnant you are 1cm dilated and 50faced with cervical funneling the baby is -1 station Will you have your baby soon?

Depends.. If this is not your first child. My doctor told me you would be already a Centimeter Dilated, bur if this is your first they would most likely have you come in to be monitored to make sure your labor do not convert to active labor because the baby is still premature.. If the cervix tend to dilate more, they will hospitalize you and to give you medicine to stop contracting.... They will try to hold the baby for at least 7 or 8 more weeks.. If there is an infection or internal issues and with the pregnancy, they will induce the labor

Can canola oil help ripen your cervix?

Nothing should be put on the cervix, that is where the mucus plug is. Labor starts when the baby is ready and only a doctor would try to induce by inserting anything. Anything else is dangerous. If you have passed 40 weeks the thing you can do is to walk stairs, eat spicy food, have sex etc in order to possibly start labor.

How many days are dogs in labor for?

I would say for about 5 weeks