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Even though you parted from your ex you did spend a lot of time with this person and at one time truly loved the person so you became close and told each other many things in confidence as well as became very close in other ways. Also have children with your ex can still hold a bond between you. The only reason you feel you don't want to let go is because you are afraid of the dating world before you and to be with someone more familiar is far more appealing. I went through this with my own ex and it was tough to live alone. I missed seeing his shaver on the counter, his aftershave, clothing, etc., but I sure didn't miss him! Don't be so afraid to go forward into the future because you will otherwise miss out on that special someone and there is someone special out there for you.

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Can you think without thinking?

No you can't, you would be thinking about not thinking. So no.

Is it true that if you think of your ex is because he still thinks of you is that true?

Doesn't that sound magical? I would think there is no truth to it. i agree with Emdrgreg, but i think it is true,because i still think of my ex,and l8r on my ex said that she was thinking about me.

Why would your ex girlfriend be still thinking about you?

Would your ex girlfriend still be thinking about you? Maybe! It all depends if she is thinking if you are going to apologize and ditch the new girl and go back to her. That is what she is probably thinking! Or if it's the other way around she may be thinking about taking you back.

Why you should think before doing anything?

Because if everyone in the world just did stuff without thinking than we would have 50 times more chaos in the world . When you stop to think about something before doing it , your also thinking of the consequences if you didnt think about them you would still have to deal with the consequences for whatever you do just for a moment of addrenaline when the next day you could end up in prison for not thinking about what you are doing.

Is your ex still thinking of you when hes with his ex and kids?

i dont really think he would still be thinking of you when he is with his ex and kid because dats your ex and for him to have gotten back with his ex and kid he probably dont thiunk about you no more and i advice you to just stop thinking about him because the nore you think about him the more oain you bring to your heart you will always find a better person trust me just move on sweetie

Why would you dream of someone who is dead that you didn't go to sleep thinking about?

You could have been thinking about them recently, even if not directly before bedtime. You don't have to experience or think about things immediately before going to bed to dream about them. It could mean you are still grieving their loss or that you still miss them.

Is Luxembourg famous for its cheese and tulips?

no i think that would be the Netherlands you are thinking of

When did Gandhi think of his idea?

It would help if you clarify which of his ideas you are thinking about.

Are we connected by our thoughts is he thinking of me when I am thinking of him?

That would be cool, but I don't think it works that way. My BF has called in the middle of the night before and said he was thinking about me, and I was not thinking of him, I was having a great dream!

Is Ellie Goulding left handed?

if you were thinking this questoin, and you were thinking, yeah i think she is, you would be thinkin correct!!!! well done!!!!

Would god still exist if humans didn't have the capability to think for themselves?

It's oknly because humans don't have the capability to think for themselves that God exists at all. When men start thinking, God will disappear.

Is Nintendo thinking of making luigi's mansion 2?

I think if they were it would be on the wii

What is the Illuminati thinking of doing?

Absolutely nothing. First, they would have to exist to think. Second, they would have to be real to do.

Why would your boyfriend call you by his ex wifs name?

because he is thinking about her or still in love with her

Can multi vitamins make you nauseous?

I do not believe that coated multi vitamins would make one nauseous unless an individual took more than one a day.

Do crabs eat baby turtles?

No, I don't quite think they do. It deeply bothers me evn thinking that they would, but as I said I do not think they do.

How would you know if you were administered Rohypnol?

You would feel odd, nauseous, or drunk after only a couple of drinks

What does reading is thinking mean?

when you read, you think. if any problem occurs in the book your reading lets say, you would be thinking, how would the character his/her problem. that is one way of thinking when your reading, another way is when your thinking about whats going on in the book. if you don't understand it, the book is not right for you.

How is Eddie still thinking like a person on earth?

If Eddie is a person on Earth, it would be typical for him to be thinking like a typical person on Earth would be thinking. If he were abducted by aliens and spent a substantial mount in space with them, his thought process could change.

I used to like this guy he had a gf it's been awkward between us now I have finally seen again but he wouldn't talk to me but would look at me why is that does he think I still like him?

He may think you still like him, or wonder if you do. He also may be thinking he still likes you. And, he may just feel self-conscious because you are seeing him with another girl.

How do you think shakespeare would react to seeing his play on the big screen?

I think he would be amazed and intrigued. It would not take him long to start thinking about the possibilities film opens up.

What president said Dont stop thinking about tomorrow?

I think that would be President Bill Clinton.

Can a baby think?

Depending on how thinking is defined, psychological research would give a cautious yes.

What is the most popular web page?

if you are thinking about a game, I think it would be WOW (world of warcraft.)

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