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Why would thinking about your ex make you nauseous but you still think about them all the time and don't want to let go?

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February 09, 2005 10:25PM

Even though you parted from your ex you did spend a lot of time with this person and at one time truly loved the person so you became close and told each other many things in confidence as well as became very close in other ways. Also have children with your ex can still hold a bond between you. The only reason you feel you don't want to let go is because you are afraid of the dating world before you and to be with someone more familiar is far more appealing. I went through this with my own ex and it was tough to live alone. I missed seeing his shaver on the counter, his aftershave, clothing, etc., but I sure didn't miss him! Don't be so afraid to go forward into the future because you will otherwise miss out on that special someone and there is someone special out there for you.