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Why would three windows on a Camry stop working while the driver's side window still works?

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2011-09-13 17:25:04

"Answer_1" id="Answer_1">Answer 1

The sending unit found on the drivers side (inside)door is at

fault, a

wire has come off or worse yet the entire switch is bad and

needs replacement. In that the drivers window is probably the most

used it still works, the other contacts most likely are caroaded.

Getting one from a wrecking yard is probably the best and cheapest

way to go, take the door panel off carefully and the unit screws to

the door and is a plug in.

My guess is it will cost about $50 and some of your time 1 hour.

Taking it to a dealer will more than likely cost you about


"Answer_2_Another_Possibility" id=

"Answer_2_Another_Possibility">Answer 2 Another


Although answer one could be correct, you don't want to spend good

money fixing something that "ain't broke."

I'm not familiar with your Camry, but most vehicles with power

windows have a separate switch on the master switch console for the

windows which allows the driver to "kill," or override the

operation of the other window controls.

This feature was included as safety function to prevent small

children from being able to open the windows.

It is generally the same for the doorlock switches, allowing the

driver to override the passenger door locks. Hope this is of

assistance to you until someone who really knows your vehicle

improves these answers.j3h

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