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This is normal behaviour for birds.
They are not actually "kissing" in the sense that we humans understand it.

Two male budgies are the easiest pair to keep together. Two females will likely fight, as female birds are notoriously more aggressive than male birds (but not always, for example if they were raised together then they are unlikely to fight). A male and a female bird have a 50% chance of fighting occasionally, possibly resulting in some injuries. But two males together with no female to compete over will get along like brothers, whether they're actually siblings or not.

When two birds "kiss" each other, they are showing each other acceptance and affection. It's a sign of friendship in birds, not love as it is in humans. Two birds who are also close friends will also groom each other occasionally, huddle together on the perches and snuggle together when sleeping.
They will also share food. If they have a treat for example, they will often divide it up between the two of them and eat an equal amount of the treat each.

Birds will also do the same thing to their human companions, particularly parrots like the African Grey. They're just very affectionate creatures who care for each other.

Your two males are not in a homosexual relationship with each other. It's just something that birds do with really close pals. Birds are far more intelligent than we humans give them credit for. Studies have shown that some bird species can solve intermediate problem solving tasks quicker than humans.

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I find it interesting that both responses above seem to imply thereโ€™s something โ€œwrongโ€ with homosexual relationships in birds. Iโ€™m not an expert, but from what Iโ€™ve skimmed in avian research I can tell you this.

1, not much research has been done on this specifically, so technically we donโ€™t know the โ€œwhy.โ€œ.

2, homosexual relationships in animals isnโ€™t actually uncommon. According to various studies, same sex couples DO exist across species on every part of the globe (Feel free to look it up). This includes same sex pairings, courtships and even intercourse. Whatโ€™s not immediately clear (to go back to my first point) is the why.

But to go back to your question: the behavior is normal and nothing to worry about. There could be many reasons why this is happening (including possibly misgendering a bird), but the most important thing to take note of is that itโ€™s not a problematic behavior.

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Nothing to Worry About

It isn't really "kissing" as we call kissing. Parakeets are social animals and it's just a way of accepting other birds into the flock. No, they aren't gay.

Two parakeets, either hens or cocks or even of opposite sexes, will mutually groom and 'kiss' each other. They may actually feed one another by regurgitating food. This is truly normal behavior for birds that do not have access to a choice of other birds with which to interact.

They will also at times bob their heads at one another, which is part of a courting ritual, but it is harmless.

It's just part of parrot body language!!

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Q: Why would two male parakeets kiss each other?
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