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1. Walking strengthens your heart

2.Walking is good for your brain

3.Walking is good for your bones

4.Walking helps elevate systems of depression

5.Walking reduces risk of Breast cancer

6.Walking reduces risk of colon cancer

7.Walking prevents type 2 Diabetes

8. Walking helps you remain physically fit

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Q: Why would walking benefit your health?
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What is the health benefit's of moderate and vigorous intensity activities?

Walking slowly

How would you benefit a company in home health services?

by being quiet

What is the benefit of a medical certificate program to me?

A benefit of getting a medical certificate from an accredited institution would be that you would make more money and you could get a job in the health care field.

What has the author Bob Carlson written?

Bob Carlson has written: 'Walking-- for health, fitness and sport' -- subject(s): Fitness walking 'HealthWalk' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Fitness walking, Health aspects, Health aspects of Walking, Walking, Exertion, Physical Fitness

What is the health benefit of using Cayenne papper?

It is certainly not essential for good health. It may have some marginal impact but not using it would not be detrimental

How does a hard core workout improve your heart health?

Any form of exercise, hardcore or not, can improve heart health. Even a moderate amount of exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease and can benefit overall health. Interval training, swimming, cycling, and brisk walking are some of the best heart health exercises.

How can innovation benefit patients or health care?

how will innovation benefit patients

How does walking your dog improve dogs health?

Here is the same way walking would improve any ones health. when you walk you use up energy and if you use up enough then you start to lose weight. You should love your dogs.

Is Dental care coverage a convenience benefit?

Possibly, since it is usually a separate benefit from health insurance. In many ways, though, your general health is dependent on your dental health.

What are the health benefit's of bananas?


What is health benefit of pineapple mixed with orange juice?

Non, it is OK as a food but all the health benefit advertisements are all marketing ploys.

How does walking benefit the cardiovascular system?

It strengthens your heart : NovaNet

What jobs would I be required to take health administration courses?

Health administration courses teach you how to administer health plans such as HMOs, PPOs, and employee benefit plans. Most jobs will be in the health insurance and human resources fields.

What is the benefit of lowering triglycerides?

There are many health benefits to lowering your triglycerides. The most accurate information about health benefits for lowering triglycerides would be to speak with your family physician.

What are the main benefits of walking?

The benefits of walking are good health, especially reduced incidence of obesity and its related ailments an illnesses as well as strong cardiovascular health.

Would walking everyday benefit you?

yes but if you are not fit it is not a good idea to stress your self because you may ger injured or have problems with your heart

What are the health benefits from eating siomai?

One health benefit of Siomai is that it provides you with essential proteins. Another health benefit of Siomai is that because it is rich in vitamins, it helps reduce hunger cravings.

What has the author Erika Peters written?

Erika Peters has written: 'The complete idiot's guide to walking for health' -- subject(s): Fitness walking, Health & Fitness, Nonfiction, OverDrive, Physical fitness 'The complete idiot's guide to walking for health' -- subject(s): Fitness walking, Physical fitness

What percent of health insurance premiums can business deduct as business expense?

about 10-20% because of the off and on differences the health has. the 401(k) would most likely benefit from this.

Is there a health benefit in drinking Vinger?


How can sport benefit health?

it keeps you healthey

Vegetable and fruit benefit to your health?

yes, it is

How would you use benefit in a sentence?

Example Sentences: You will benefit from fresh air and exercise. I have the benefit of health insurance from my employer in addition to my salary. We will hold a benefit to raise funds to help pay for the child's health care needs. I bought a benefit card. What are the benefits for frequent flyers? How can I benefit from the knowledge of history? Was there any benefit to using a wood burning stove that electrical stoves don't provide?

Ayurveda health tourism a boon or curse?

Health tourism is good for the country's economy and the individuals who are benefited by it. But any country which is benefit ted by the health tourism should provide the health benefit for the poor and down trodden first and the only open the health tourism. Other it is a mockery.

What are the benefits of an employee health screening for employers?

The most important benefit to the company is that it shows its committment to the employees' health. The main benefit to a worker is that he does not have to waste time for going to the doctor and at the same time his health is constantly monitored.