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Why would white smoke be coming from the engine when it is in idle or at low speed?

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It depends on the make/model and not so much as the mileage, but how well the maintenance has been done on the car. If the engine just puffs when taking off from a stop, then it could be the valve seals/guides letting too much oil get into the combustion chamber. It could also be the wrong viscosity of oil. If the engine smokes more like all the time, then you will be having oil ring control problems. Then again, now that the weather is cooler outside, you may see steam coming out of the tailpipe. This would be absolutely normal.

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What does it mean when your engine sputters and you have white smoke coming from you tail pipes?

White smoke coming from your tail pipe often indicates an issue with your coolant. The smoke comes from burning coolant. The engine sputters and white smoke is likely an issue with the head gasket.

You get a cloud of white smoke coming out your exhaust every time you speed?

Pretty sure that means it is burning your engine coolant. The anti freeze is somehow leakinging into the combustion chamber and when it burns with the gas the smoke is white.

You were driving your 1995 Jeep and the engine was making a knocking sound and then the engine died and white smoke smelling of oil began coming out of the engine?

White smoke. Means water/coolant in your engine. Most likely you blew the head gasket, if you smell oil and see white smoke.

Why is white smoke coming from your fuel pump?

white smoke is coming from my exhaust why?

Why would white smoke come from the engine?

White smoke coming from the engine can mean many different things. One such thing is that your car may have a blown head gasket or that oil is burning in the engine.

Your 1994 Oldsmobile has white smoke coming out the exhaust What is wrong with it?

Car maintenance is very important for a smooth ride. When there is white smoke coming out of the exhaust, it is usually an indication of water in the engine.

What can cause white smoke coming out of engine while going up a hill?

Head gasket more than likely! White smoke is coolant.

What causes white smoke from coming from inside the car engine?

White smoke is usually vaporized coolant. You may have a blown gasket or a crack somewhere.

Why is therr White smoke coming from exhaust of rexton jeep?

coolant leaking into the engine

Why is white smoke coming out of your exhaust in your Nissan 240sx?

Sounds like engine coolant is getting into an engine cylinder

What does white smoke mean when it is coming out of the exhaust of your 2000 Ford F-350 diesel?

white smoke from diesel exhaust generally means you have engine coolant leaking internally in enginevery rarely , white smoke can indicate a problem with the turbo

Why is black smoke coming out the exhaust?

It is buring oil this is a wrong answer whe engine burn oil to the exhaust smoke is a heavy white smoke no black

My F150 knocks and blows white smoke but still has power what causes white smoke?

White smoke coming out of a vehicle means you need to either get your oil changed or the oil you have is too small of a weight. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If your engine is warmed up and blowing white smoke , it sounds like engine coolant is getting into an engine cylinder from a bad head gasket , or a warped or cracked head

Can a car with white smoke coming from muffler pass an emisssions test?

NO!! White smoke indicates the burning of oil. The law says, "ANY smoke coming from the engine during any part of the test is grounds for failure." I've been an Emissions guy in Denver for 23 years. White smoke is oil. Black is gas (too rich). Black smoke can get pricey. White smoke is always pricey!!

White smoke constant 2001 windstar exhaust?

If the engine is fully warmed up and you are still getting white smoke coming out of the tailpipe when the engine is idling , it sounds like engine coolant is getting into an engine cylinder from a bad head gasket or some other problem

Your car engine has smoke coming from it What is the problem?

Blue smoke, burning oil. (tired) White smoke, burning coolant. (bad head gasket) Black smoke, excess gasoline (flooding).

Why is white smoke coming caprice 1992?

White smoke usually indicates a water leak into the engine block. Blue or black smoke would indicate an oil leak. possibly pistons!! my 88 Monte Carlo did that

What can cause white smoke from the exhaust only when car is hot you have taken the exhaust manifold and not smoke is coming from the engine this is a sr20det engine turbo coolant levels have not Chan?

have a mechanic check your turbo.most will tell u that a turbo blows black smoke but can aslso blow white smoke when turbo is malfunctioning

My 1965 mustang 6 cylinder 200 engine starts running rough and the motor shakes at a stop and stalls out and then its hard to start and blows out white smoke when it does start?

If white smoke is coming out of the exhaust when the engine is warmed up , it sounds like engine coolant is getting into an engine cylinder

What can you do to stop the white smoke from coming out of the exhaust?

the smoke that comes out of a exhaust pipe is supposed to be white

White smoke coming out of the tailpipe?

white smoke=water. probably the intake or intake manifold.

White smoke coming from my 1997 Honda lx civix tailpipe?

white smoke coming from my tailpipe of my Honda civix lx 1997?

You have white smoke coming from your exhaust and engine on a 1989 Mercury Topaz?

That means that rad. coolant is leaking into the combustion part of the engine, and burning, thus white smoke. Most likely the head gasket has to be replaced, and have the head checked for cracks also.

Daewoo nubira shuddering when idle and smoke coming from exhaust?

sounds like you have head gasket problem if the exhaust smoke is white in colour then its engine coolant if its blue smoke then its burning oil you will need to get the engine pressure tested at a garage.

Have white smoke coming from tailpipe F-250 Desiel?

No I don't, but if you do, you need to have it repaired, or it'll seize the engine