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Blown fuse would be my first guess.

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โˆ™ 2006-01-18 22:24:12
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Q: Why would windshield wipers stop working after ice storm and subzero temps?
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Should you put your windshield wipers up during a snow storm?

Some people choose to do this to prevent the wipers from freezing to the car, and to make it easier to clean the windshield.I disagree 100% with these people. All this does it allow ice to collect all over the wipers, makeing them difficult to clean. The first thing I do when cleaning my car is to turn it on, full heat, with defroster on. I then clean the top/rest of my car. By the time I get to the windshield, the wiper area would be melted. I can then lift the wipers and clean the windshield, and my wiper blades do not have a spec of ice on them, so they wont streak all over the windshield. Try using your wipers after leaving them up, and the blades dont even touch the glass, ice does. Clean them off? You risk chipping the (rubber) blade, since its frozen and covered in ice.

How do you tell which 1992 geo storm you have?

VIN number on the dash by the windshield.

2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue and after an ice storm your windshield wipers come to rest in the service position. pointed straignt up when you shut them off How can you get them to rest in their normal pos?

Same thing happened to me on 1998 intrigue. Also in snowy and freezing conditions. The link here attributed the problem to water freezing in the Wiper moter assembly Maybe it will start working when it thaws out? [hr] Wrong. Your windshield wiper motor is mounted to a bracket that has a little metal tab on it that the crank arm assembly has to hit in order to park the wipers, in a lot of cases this park tab in either bent or broken, and if bent can be adjusted. This happens if the wipers encounter too much stress, such as trying to wipe when they are frozen in ice. The tab can be easily bent back, if you can get to the wiper motor.

It is a very windy day You are driving and a dust storm blows across the freeway reducing you visibility You should drive slower and turn on your?

In order to ensure your visibility, keep your windshield and exterior light covers clean and make sure your wipers and defrosters are working properly. You should use your headlights whenever driving in rain, fog, or snow, but remember to use only your low-beam lights, as high beams can actually impair your visibility.

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How can someone get my cars vin without me giving it to them?

On some vehicles you can just look in the front lower driver side windshield. My 92 geo storm has it right there.

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