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Most likely your heater core has a leak. Your heater core is leaking. It must be replace to correct this problem. Anytime you get an anti-freeze smell, this usually indicates a leak in the system, usually the heater core. Have you noticed if the floor is wet under the area where the heater is located? Look for wet carpet on the floor of the passenger side front. Most 3.8 liter GM engines from the early to late nineties develop an intake manifold leak at some point. This is characterized by an antifreeze odor, rough idling, poor mileage, a lack of heat, and antifreeze appearing in the oil. Simple enough to fix, just replace the intake manifold gasket. Might as well clean the throttle body and change that as well. Repair cost for that job plus a tune-up: $600-700, for just the manifold gasket, you'd most likely stay around $300-400.

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What could be wrong with a 98 buick lesabre that keeps losing antifreeze from the radiator an found in the oil it also blows thick white smoke from the tailpipe?

You have a blown head gasket. Antifreeze that should be going through a hole in your gasket and then cooling the engine head is going into a cylinder. From there it is going out an exhaust pipe as steam. It is also getting into an oil drain hole and getting into the oil pan. It is inexpensive to get a head gasket fixed compared to the cost of having a blown engine replaced.

Why does 2000 Buick Lesabre Custom Air Conditioner blow only through defrost vents?

The vacuum supply line from the engine is disconnected or broken. When the vacuum supply is cut off the system defaults to the defrost mode.

Does antifreeze travel through the radiator cap of an 2004 impala?

Through the radiator cap no... But it does allow the antifreeze to come out through the cap if the pressure gets too high.

Where is internal antifreeze leak getting into exhaust skystem in a 3800 engine?

A gm 3.8 l v6 or 3800 cc engine cannot have antifreeze in exhaust without first getting into the engine. If its getting into the exhaust it may be entering the cumbustion chambers through a damaged cylinder head or head gasket. Also this engine depending on the model year may have issues with the intake manifold gasket, that can cause antifreeze to leak into the engine oil.

Why does a 2000 Lesabre keep turning over and does not start as if gas is not getting through?

My first attempt would be to replace the fuel filter if it is not getting gas second would be the fuel pump also check for spark and compression

What gear do you drive your 2000 buick lesabre through town?


Can smell antifreeze but no leaks visible no heat?

If your going through coolant then you have an internal head gasket leak you smell coolant because its getting into cylinder and burning

How do you check if my heater core is leaking?

Antifreeze will be leaking in the floorboard on the passenger side, there will be a smell of antifreeze through the vents.

Your central air conditioner turns on but is not blowing through the vents?

If central air conditioner turns on but is not blowing through the vents, check the filter. If it is dirty, change it. Change the thermostat into cool, this will defrost the air conditioner.

Where is the antifreeze located on your car?

the antifreeze runs through all your water lines in your car . . . . you put it in your water tank or radiator

Why am I going through so much antifreeze?

you have leak somewhere

How do you get antifreeze to the motor after changing thermostat?

The water pump will pump coolant(antifreeze & water) through the engine after the thermostat opens up.

How should you put in antifreeze?

Use a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water and fill SLOWLY to prevent an airlock through the top of the radiator

How do you treat antifreeze poisoning?

Ethanol prevents the key ingredient in antifreeze from breaking down into toxic chemicals in the body. Ethylene glycol is the key ingredient in antifreeze and ethanol removes this through the bodies waste.

Does antifreeze run through the ac condenser in a 2006 Ford explorer?


Can a intake manifold gasket cause antifreeze to leake?

Yes. Antifreeze is actually pumped through the intake manifold. If the gasket is bad it is possible that it leaks out

Where is the diagnostic port on 1990 buick lesabre?

On my 1990 Buick Lesabre it is on the underside of the dash in the middle of the car. Go to you ash tray and look under the dash. There will be a rectangular hole through the plastic and the plug will be in there.

Can antifreeze get into the engine through a faulty heater core or water pump?

through a cracked heater core - possible.

Will you throw up if you accidentally drank hair conditioner in your soda. I realized that there was conditioner when I was halfway through my mountain dew when I realized there was conditioner in it?

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Hair conditioner caurse hair loss?

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Will gasoline eat through plastic?

depends on what kind of plastic will not with antifreeze jug

Why isn't the antifreeze circulating through the radiator?

you have a hole somewhere or replaces your radiator

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Is recycled auto antifreeze as good as virgin antifreeze?

some shops have equipment that passes used antifreeze through a filtration process, adds an additives package, and generates recycled antifreeze that meets virgin specifications. Recycled is just as good, or if you like new only that's fine too.

What way does the fuel flow through the fuel rail on a 1990 Buick Lesabre?

Always towards the fuel injectors.