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Probably because you are a lonley person who has no real social life. You should learn that there are more appropriate females for both sexual fantasies and for real life social experience. What you're doing isn't particularly healthy.

I totally agree with Redbeard. You didn't mention what age you were. In my teens I was almost 7 years older than my brother and I would notice him every so often taking quick peeks at me while I was undressing. (A good door slam solved the problem! LOL) It's fairly normal when younger because of curiosity, but if you are 16 and older then you have a problem!

I disagree with the above thoughts on your question. There is no wrong or right here. You feel what you feel, period. However, the cause has to do with your sexual energies combining with your sisters, they are similar yet complimenting enough for you to bring up this attraction, and it's taboo so all the more off limits. This has excited you. No bigee. If you both got together these energies would most likely dissipate and your attraction would move elsewhere. But since society frowns on such behaviour with severe judgement, it would be better for you to direct your sexual energies towards other interests. Steer your attraction to other woman and men who you also find attractive. As you express how you feel towards them, they will change and you will learn a lot about your self and what you really want and like. All the best to you.

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How do I know if I'm homosexual?

If you feel sexually attracted to people who are your same sex, you are homosexual. If you feel attracted to people of your opposite sex, you are heterosexual. If you are attracted to both sexes you are bisexual.

How do you know if you're not sexually attracted to someone?

Sexual attraction is when you look at someone and you want them. You watch their body and imagine what would happen if...? You know you are not sexually attracted when you don't feel this, when you don't get turned on when you think about them physically, when you don't yearn to have that person.

If someone claims they are not in love with you yet they love you more as a sister Would you remain friends with them after they claimed that they were in love with you for 5 years?

Yes. Most definitely. All this person is saying is that he loves you but does not feel sexually attracted to you. That does not diminish his love for you.

Why do you feel sexually attracted to some guys but you are married and not gay?

Maybe you are in fact Bisexual !

Why would a straight guy not be interested in dating girls?

It could be possible you are an asexual, which means you don't feel sexually attracted to any gender.

What is Polysexuality?

You are sexually attracted to an opposite sex and you are also attracted to the same sex. Though you feel there is more than just 2 sexes.

What to do when a man says they are not sexually attracted to you?

it means that they may like your personality, but dont feel anything for you.

How do hormones affect your body?

It affects you by then after receiving the harm-ones you then feel sexually attracted and you feel like having a sexual intercourse.

Is it OK to tell your girlfriend you are sexually attracted to her friends?

No it is not right to tell your girlfriend you are sexually attracted to her friends. If in doubt put yourself in her shoes as to how you would feel if she was sexually attracted to all of your male friends. There is nothing wrong with admiring good looking young women, but for you to be acting like a Tom cat peering at all her friends and sexually thinking about them then you need to grow up and concentrate on your girlfriend more or, if you prefer to date several young women then do your girlfriend a favor and break up with her.

How do you know if youre a lesbian?

You know that you're a lesbian when you feel sexually attracted to another woman or just think about her sexually or look at her sexually. Enjoying those thoughts of course, otherwise you are just confused and straight.

What does heterorsexual mean?

It means people are physically, sexually attracted to partners of the other gender, so boys like girls and girls like boys. People who are homosexual feel attracted to people of the same gender, bisexuals can and will feel attracted to people of both genders.

If you are really close to one of your friends and you think you feel sexually attracted to them are you really attracted to them or is it because you are good friends with that person?

What fun this is for me to try and give my personal firsthand insight to this question! Well if you have a friend that your really close to and you think you feel sexually attracted to him? Then Bingo, you probaly are undoubtably attracted to them. With having a very close friend who is male whom is practically one of my best friends. But to be really honest I'd say I am not attracted to him in the least and I never was. But for a real friend, we have all the makings of a good relationship and we get along quite well. To sleep with him would be out of the question, unless of course...I WAS ATTRACTED TO HIM! (but I'm not)AnswerBingo - you are attracted to them since that's what you feel. Express how you feel in the moment and you may be pleasantly surprised what happens. Stay in your truth of how you feel and communicate it. When things change, then discuss that too.. it's quite simple and empowering.

Does wanting to become a transexual make you gay?

Homosexuality and transsexuality are two different things. Transsexuals feel that they've been born in the wrong body. Homosexuals are sexually attracted to the same sex as themselves. Sometimes they coincide. So you get all combinations: -someone born a man, sexually attracted to women, but wanting to be a woman. -someone born a man, sexually attracted to men, but wanting to be a woman - someome born a woman, sexually attracted to women, but wanting to be a man -someone born a woman, sexually attracted to men, wanting to be a man. So if a transsexual is considered gay or not becomes a bit awkward, as the frame of reference would change if the person goes ahead with a sex change or not.

What does first kiss feel like?

It depends on whether or not you're sexually attracted to the person you're kissing. If you are, it is usually stimulating.

If you kissed a girl are you a lesbian?

Not unless you feel sexually attracted to her and you are female also. No, Alot Of People Do It Especially When There Young Because There Curious, Just Think, You Could Be If You Feel Attracted To Girls Or You Could Be Bi Sexual If You Like Girls And Boys

Are penises gay?

No. Guys who feel sexually attracted to other guys are. Penises have nothing to do with that so, don't blame the penis, it has nothing to do with that.

Why is your wife no longer sexually attracted to you?

Your wife will become no longer sexually attracted to you if she is feeling emotionally distant from you. Women are much different from men in the fact that they need to feel close to you emotionally first before they will be willing to do sexual things. Women need lots of attention and the reassurance that they are appreciated. You need to make her feel important and loved and sexy! Good luck

How do gay or lesbians realize thay are gay?

There are several ways in which they may realize their sexuality. For example, they feel more attracted to, and would rather be in a relationship with a person of their own sex, or would prefer to be sexually active with their own gender.

How we can know that we are gay?

If you are gay, you will be sexually attracted by guys (male). You will feel sexually aroused by them. If you are also sexually aroused by women, you are a bisexual. What do you think about when you masturbate? Everyone does and what you think about should tell you. You are only trying to please yourself so what you think of must be your orientation.

How do you get your dog to feel sexually attracted to you?

Dogs are not sexually attracted to humans. We are too different species. People who travel down that road and have sex with animals commit the illegal act of Bestiality and animal abuse. Forcing yourself onto a animal creates a twisted and abnormal relationship between you and the dog.

Is it gay to be in love with kobe if your a guy?

No. This is called a man crush and it's very common. It is only considered gay if you feel sexually attracted to Kobe.

How do you tell if im gay?

if your gay you like the diffrent sex. i feel you feel sexually attracted to women when your arround them this will be a sign of you being gay. also if you get arroused over naked woman your deffintaley gay.

I feel comfortable when i kiss girls at partys and im not sure why. am i a lesbian?

that depends on quite a few factors naming some: do you feel sexually attracted to them Are you drunk? lol do you do it for the hell of it or is someone telling you to

If you have a very strong sexual attraction with a guy does this mean that he's the one for you?

NO, not at all sexual attraction is not how "the one for you is determined" No. Just because you are sexually attracted to someone dosent mean there the one. It might just be 'lust', You can feel sexually attracted to anyone. Anyone you find hot, or sexy or anything can cause you to have sexual attraction.

Can you make a relationship work if you are not attractive to his looks?

i believe that if you are not attracted to him now imagine later when he grows old, would you feel attracted then?