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Why would you get stressed every morning at the thought of going to school?

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I had a cousin who missed so many days of high school, I honestly don't understand how she ever graduated. She'd stay home with a 'headache' or 'stomach ache', that would mysteriously get better as the afternoon wore on. And I have a niece who used to make herself sick at the thought of having to ride the school bus, and stick gets that way when she has to speak in front of one of her classes. If I am not medicated, the mere thought of going to the grocery or worse yet just picking up the phone to order Pizza, can give me butterflies in my stomach or make me feel sick with dread. Does anything I've described here sound familiar? If so, you may be suffering from social anxiety. If it interferes with your daily life, you need to see a doctor or psychiatrist. There is no reason you should have to live like that. And take my advice, don't put it off. I am being treated for anxiety. (as well as severe chronic depression, mild ADD & SAD) My pyschiatrist and I have determined that I've suffered from these disorders my entire life. Even before high school, I started feeling the stress, the dread, of having to get up and face yet another day of school even though there was no real reason for it. I was/am very intelligent and got fair grades. It got worse, and as I got older I began to withdraw, avoiding friends and new people alike. And it continued to get worse until I finally decided to talk to my doctor about it - when I was 29! I was miserable by then, antisocial, didn't even want to be around family. Now I take a rather large dose of Klonopin everyday for the anxiety and, boy, does it ever make a difference. I am now more friendly, outgoing, talkative, assertive and confident than I have ever been in my entire life. I enjoy meeting new people, trying new things. I am a different person. And it's really sad for me to look back and realize how much of my life I have wasted because of anxiety. You are obviously young if you are still in school. Anxiety may not be your problem, but talk to your doctor, find out. I hate the thought of another young person feeling the way I did, possibly wasting years of your life you will never be able to relive. I wish you luck. Something may be happening at school that is causing the anxiety: problems with bullying, learning issues, a harsh teacher, etc. Try to find out from the child what the matter might be; or perhaps having the child talk to a therapist would be helpful. The most important thing to realize is that it is an emotional response. Therefore, it can very easily be an illogical reaction to a nonexistent problem. Just one example could be a person who was bullied for one year in school and got so depressed about it that the fear of going to school or even work still remained, despite the threat being removed. ===ANOTHER ANSWER=== You may suffer from "Anticipatory Anxiety Disorder". This occurs when the mere thought of doing something or going somewhere causes a panic attack; just anticipating an activity, such as going to school (which can be VERY stressful for sensitve kids) causes stomach ache, anxiety, dread etc... See a mental health professional for help. They are well aquainted with this disorder. Sometimes thearapy can help you get over it. Sometimes, medication is used as a last resort. Don't be embarrassed. Seek help. Best of luck

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