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This is most likely caused by irregular periods or a hormonal imbalance. If the bleeding was heavy flow then see your doctor as you may need Birth Control pills to regulate your period if this occurs again. Nothing to worry about but do see your doctor. It can also be due to your age, if you are young and just starting to have periods it can take some women several years before their periods become regular. It may or may not be anything serious.

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Q: Why would you have a menstrual period twice in one month if you are not on the pill?
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Why would a woman get her period twice in a month?

A woman can get her period twice a month for multiple reasons such as missing her birth control or having an irregular period cycle.

Why would a menstrual period last a month?

stress, change in diet and/or exercise, new medicine

I had my period in the beginning of the month and I got it again July 28 and it was only 3days Why would you get your period twice a month?

it could be from stress

If women gets her menstrual cycle on 26th of the month then which is the safest period for her to have sex?

i don't know you exact menstrual cycle and its habits but a safe guess would be from the 3rd of the month to the 17 of the month are likely your less firtile days... your most firile beind a week before and a week after your period ~Statik Fury

How do you short your menstrual period?

you would get pregnant

When is the mid-cycle of a menstrual period?

Menstrual period refers to menstruation or your period, which is the start of your menstrual cycle. If you're referring to mid-cycle then midway through the menstrual cycle is typically when a woman would ovulate.

What do you do during your period?

There is nothing you cannot do during your period - so you would do anything that you would do normally, only you would use a menstrual pad, menstrual tampon, or menstrual cup to handle the flow of blood from your vagina.

Why would you get your period twice in one month?

It would probably be due to irregular cycles. It is common for a lot of women. It is normal for it not to be regular. you can take birth control pills to regulate your cycle. If both periods were normal flow (no spotting), this can be caused by irregular periods or a hormone imbalance. See your Doctor. Another reason why you would have your period twice in one month is if the month has more than 28 days. For example, the month of October has 31 days. You can have your period at the very beginning of the month and at the very end of the month and still have a regular cycle.

If your period comes every 30 days and your period starts the 6th of each month then when would you ovulate?

From much reading and research, i have learned that if your periods are regular and you start your period around the same time each month, you can expect to conceive 10 to 15 days after the first day of your menstrual period. For you that would mean that conception would most likely occur between the 16th and the 21st of the month. Hope this information is helpful..

Why would you have my period twice in one month?

well there's quite of few reasons.....but maybe you should ask your mom....and then go to the doctor!!!!

Is it OK that ovaries be removed just don't want having menstrual period every month thanks?

No doctor would remove your ovaries for that reason. No insurance company would pay for the surgery for that reason.

What should you do on your period?

There is nothing that you 'should' do during your period, other than make sure to use appropriate menstrual products to deal with your menstrual flow. There is nothing you can't do on your period, so do as you would do normally.

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