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Probably a leaky heater core. Look in the passenger side floor board (maybe driver side as well) and see if the carpet is wet. These are all tell tell signs of a heater core that is leaking.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-19 05:36:15
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Q: Why would you have a strong colant smell coming out of the ac vent of a Lincoln Navigator?
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Why is there a strong smell of coolant coming from the ac vents on a Navigator?

It is most likely your heater core. You may also notice a foggy-film on the inside of your front windshield, this is caused by the coolent coming through the vents. The part for this is not that expensive, but the labor is. It is a big job, so shop around good luck. you might be leaking freon THIS IS BAD! it will give you extensive brain damage get it fixed quick and dont run the ac till you do..